How to buy car insurance? University of purchase may have asked

Buying a Car Is a major problem, Is an extremely complex matter, the nature of which Is knowledge of insurance Issues in science. Inside the water Is not generally deep, it Is easy to get taken in by the insured person, if you buy insurance Is not worth buying, it means the spent odds.

first of all pay high insurance Is certainly buy, pay high insurance Is the United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system, pay high insurance roads occur by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle traffic accident caused by the victim [ thIs does not include the personnel and vehicle insured] of personal injury, property damage, be compensated in the mandatory liability insurance liability limit that you can not afford not to accidents when not paid. Second loss of vehicle insurance Is to buy, as long as the losses occurred our Car does not exceed the value of their vehicle, the insurance company Will be paid to your dIscretion. Third party liability insurance Is to buy, caustic danger Is the compensation of their own, so naturally it Is the third party liability insurance payment of others, usually family Car to buy 500,000 three insurance Is sufficient, commercial vehicles can also buy high a little.

while some insurance Is optional, and for example, glass insurance, Car elsewhere no problem, only broken glass when thIs insurance Will work. Scratches insurance Is one of the junk insurance, when your Car Is scratched, you can directly go away without any incidents prove thIs insurance. But one year the payment amount can not exceed your predetermined amount, so that basically no effect. There Is a rIsk of spontaneous combustion, more than 8 years of spontaneous combustion Car insurance Is not insurance, but if the Car ignition, and then let you go to the manufacturers, insurance companies, they think thIs Car definitely has quality problems.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)