How to buy car insurance to buy insurance which, after reading the older drivers to buy really save a lot of money

now basically every family has a Car, every year the insurance Is not a small overhead, a lot of people entangled in the end how to buy the insurance, buy more to spend, then how the right to buy it, in fact, many owners wanted to find a 4S store or repair shop and club to buy insurance, do not have to save himself parity of each insurance company, simply let them buy the, I Will tell you to send some small gifts matter, worthless things like Car wash coupons. Then you lose big, they made a big profit.

Car insurance

In fact, buying insurance Is really not so complicated, you can use the phone directly to the insurance salesman or online Auto insurance quotes way to buy insurance, both eliminating the middlemen make the difference, but also long-term insurance company launched a number of promotions to the owners, that Is, rebate, usually ranging from 15 to 20 percent, thIs Is what they brought you so positive profits to buy insurance, but there are advantages and dIsadvantages, so if you had a traffic accident would not enjoy the people 4S shop or club of some insurance compensation on behalf of the service, thIs time we should go to their own insurance company the claims.

insurance claims

If buy their own insurance, then it should buy what the insurance Is appropriate it, because of hIs not bought insurance, they do not understand thIs business, so what to buy and what not to buy it, after all, he opened hIs own Car for a long time, too familiar, the situation of the Car also have some understanding, some insurance there Is less worthwhile need to buy, first pilfer, now monitors the road everywhere, and now the Car anti-theft technology Is perfected, buy a waste,

seat insurance: units and now the family Will buy some basic personal accident insurance, board officers liability insurance and accident insurance you buy there Is conflict, Is met with an accident, bought a seat insurance compensation Is very low, if you do not often run high speed thIs insurance really did not need to buy.


which has several additional insurance options, the first scratches insurance thIs generally less than three years to buy a Car provided, after three years can not buy thIsLike insurance, thIs can buy according to their own conditions, but thIs premium Is not cheap, under glass insurance can be considered as 40 percent of the area of ​​the whole Car glass we are in the process of driving hIs own Car in the street just to be stones accidentally bomb in your front windshield, out of a crack, if there Is no separate glass insurance, insurance companies do not pay, I have seen a Car windshield was being talked twice stone of bullets to break out of their pocket change. Therefore, conditional on buy it, as spontaneous combustion rIsk Well, have a new Car, but if you modify what parts, in the case privately chaotic wiring, the insurance company Is not compensable, if not modified, then certainly have to find a new Car naturally 4S shop lost, no need to buy thIs, there Is not worth wading to buy insurance, and thIs only when the flood, lose an engine, but if you arIse in the case of a secondary ignition, thIs thing Is not lose, which I think he Is not stupid enough water knowing deep inside to open it yet, so thIs Is basically irrelevant.

vehicle wading dangerous

we should get insurance to pay what insurance companies do free service, first a free add water, take the electricity, oil delivery service, if you open too good on the way the Car ran out of gas, you can just get them to send you over a barrel of gasoline, but gasoline Is the money you have to pay ah, rest do not give the other drove smartly lack of water leads to high water temperature, or parked in that beat, no electricity, these are can call them, these are free, and if you find a 4S shop or repair plants and other companies for help, then these are the charges, and the price Is not low. Free towing services, Car on the road Is broken, fix it, and thIs time you can call them to get a tow truck to repair, less than 100 km Is free. But before they can have a caustic danger enjoy.

free rescue

buy insurance just buy compulsory insurance, thIs must buy, Do not buy a bad road, liability insurance, and lose others, requiring more than 1 million, too much of a good Car now. Rolls-Royce in case of a hit, they do not hit enough scrapped lost. Caustic danger pay their own Car, to repair the loss of hIs own Car, definitely non-deductible insurance to buy,Do not buy the insurance company at the time of payment Is to dIscount, buy the non-deductible Will not dIscount. How much maintenance Is much money.