How to buy car insurance to be reasonable? What to buy and what not to buy? Grandfather once clear

Recently, many users a message regarding matters very tangled when buying a Car, for example, when buying Car insurance, which Is necessary to do what unnecessary? There Is in the 4S shop to buy insurance, they really do get a rebate? Today, the old master Will come and we answered their questions about.

First of all, the old master think thIs question Is very good, in fact, Car insurance Is broken down many of the general 4S stores Will help you make a simple comparIson recommend several insurance. The old master personal recommendation Is that if you are in a big city driving, third party liability insurance that you better buy more than one. Luxury Cars now on the road more and more, we recommend three basic insurance to buy 1 million or a little higher, so Is more at ease, in fact, pay the insured amount per year Is not much.

then there are some types of insurance, such as scratches insurance, glass insurance that insurance, in fact, Is more suitable for you to buy a new Car to buy, but like thIs spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance, the old master Is recommended to use a vehicle to go three to five years after purchase. Of course, if you are good Care of my Car, then I suggest you can buy more insurance.

4S shop to sell you insurance, they do not make money in the end it? Master craftsman can certainly tell you that they are definitely making money, because the 4S shop selling new Cars when general insurance are 85% off, in fact, 4S shop to get the dIscount Is generally between 35% off to Qizhe, so they must have more than a dozen points that you earn. In regard to thIs, we also feel that the old master of escape, after all, you want to buy a Car in the 4S shop.

There Is a case that Is if you apply for a loan or installment purchase, then you have insurance with your Car staging Is the same age, which also requires us to consider that, in the end thIs Is what you way to buy a Car, if you are full amount to buy a Car, then the first year to buy insurance in the 4S shop enough, there Will be back numerous insurance companies to call you, to give a dIscount Will be more favorable.