How to buy car insurance, third party liability insurance in the end how much to buy cars?

Car insurance how important, in the heart of the majority of Car owners should have a relatively clear understanding. If not buy commercial insurance, but thIs third-party liability, either buy the insurance too. In other words, hIs Car crashed, the worst case Is not, but if it Is someone else’s Car was damaged, you have to run to get away, have to lose Is.

so many problems today Will not buy insurance to specify what. How to buy thIs insurance, buy how much thIs Issue Is very important, depending on the amount of the guarantee money spent Is naturally different. Which now has three primary insurance amount, respectively, twenty fifty and one million dollars. Let me sum insured purchased two hundred thousand to spend 1270 yuan, to have non-deductible you Will need an additional 190.5 yuan, to spend 1721 yuan to buy fifty plus 258.15 yuan, excluding free of damages, a hundred million We need to spend 2242 yuan to buy, do not count free plus 336.3 damages. Although the differences in each level are about six hundred dollars, but the difference between how much of what he has, I am sure you tell at a glance the owners.

Secondly, on the national side, third party insurance in the different insured area Is not the same. In the developed coastal cities like New York, Xiamen, its average three insurance has reached a height of around 700,000, but on the whole the average insurance coverage in the country’s four hundred thousand yuan from top to bottom. And thIs Is also liability insurance mainly for two aspects of the debts, the aspect of the Car crash only need to pay repair money; on the other hand Is the Car gave the driver, it Is relevant to admire the cost of treatment, if the situation causing the deaths occurred to pay costs associated with funeral funeral.

Finally, most people think that if the general’s Car hit Fortunately, but if it Is loaded on Cars luxury Cars how to do it? ThIs it Is necessary according to the number of luxury Cars in different regions of view, Hangzhou took such a very rich city in terms of probability, but also hit four ten thousandths of points, it can be seen that the probability Is very low. If you’re still worried, thenInsurance and insurance to buy five hundred thousand and one million difference Is not much.

Finally, in any case still Is hope that the majority of drivers friends, while driving to strict compliance with traffic rules, truly safe travel!