How to buy car insurance? These three have to buy, others can save

we do not rush to open the road after buying the Car, because before driving down the road, we also need to buy Car insurance, thIs Is the most important step, after all did not buy Car insurance, open out Will feel flustered. Think about it, if the other Car and your Car to a close contact, the more serious collIsion took place, in need of repair money, but by that time, where you do not even give the Car are not reimbursed. Therefore, the first thing to do after a Car one thing to buy Car insurance, also known as a buy peace of mind.

but we also need to know that it Is not all insurers have to buy, but can selectively make a purchase. Some Auto insurance must buy, because after buying a lot of advantages; and some insurance there Is no need to buy. Next, I Will take you to breakdown what, what you can buy Auto insurance, which you can not buy, after reading can save a lot of money.

can not buy the first new Car “spontaneous combustion rIsk”, many drivers buy such insurance, simply to seek a psychological comfort, in addition cents useless. Because if the new Car spontaneous combustion occurs within the warranty period, the manufacturer Will take full responsibility, buy thIs insurance Is useless. Secondly, the second 200,000 yuan Car, do not recommend to buy “scratch rIsk”, because generally after thIs Car Is scratched, the repair cost Is not high, but not worth buying thIs Car insurance.

A third driver Is recommended not to buy accident insurance, general know something about the people know that thIs Auto insurance riders before buying , buy a personal accident insurance. If you buy Auto insurance to repeat such a waste of money has not been a substantive role, it does not pay. That said, do not buy insurance in the future, we must say you must buy Auto insurance three kinds, namely, “Traffic Insurance,” and “third party liability insurance” and “Car damage insurance”, the importance of these three Auto insurance must I do to say we understand.

experienced Car faithful know, you must buy the insurance are three very useful to the driver, the other can be saved. Especially the “Car damage insurance” Is useful at any time, for many novice driver who, because they have boughtThe insurance before they can obtain an insurance company within a certain range after hIs Car by the collIsion and reduce losses.