How to buy car insurance? These four may be sufficient, more afraid to give money in

Today, a growing number of insurance, not just people who need, need Car, there are many types of Auto insurance, some insurance companies in order to allow owners to buy a Car damage, the Insurance speaking of hype, the owners are unable to dIstinguIsh between true and false, we can not measure the importance of caustic danger level. So how to buy Car insurance it? In fact, these four might buy enough, and more fear Is give money.

First, third party liability insurance business, paid great efforts of such insurance, if the owner had a serious traffic accidents, relying on a the power of people can not bear the high costs, thIs time, third party liability insurance can help business owners reduce the large part of the burden.

Second, excluding special insurance deductible, an insurance which Is very necessary to buy, after the accident, if they have thIs insurance, the insurance company We Will give you full compensation, so be sure to remember to buy.

Third, pay high insurance, it Is necessary to pay an insurance, if you do not pay Is not on the license, if the traffic police did not buy to pay high insurance, Is to the fine points, but, after pay high insurance Will pay an identity, we need to stick the front window, if not paste, but also to seize the fines.

Fourth, caustic danger, caustic danger requirements are high, if not of a certain scope of claims, the insurance companies Will not conduct claims, Therefore, to remind owners must Carefully read the contents of the contract before buying caustic danger, not because of being cheated and did not look Carefully, the current insured amount of caustic danger mostly by the degree of damage to the Car set, naked Car also exIst, but out of the Car naked invoice price Is not necessarily a true reflection of the market price of the Car.

So when we give the Car the insurance must consider whether they really need, not to save all at once to buy Auto insurance, but also as a bit too extravagant a.