How to buy car insurance the most suitable? The more the better? Older drivers: most do not recommend to buy all rIsks!

[master Car: Car knowledge] buy a Car Is a big Issue, but also an extremely complicated matter. You need to consider the budget costs, etc., but you think to buy a Car after the end of it? Car use and Car maintenance Is also a major problem. Among them, the first Automobile insurance. ThIs side of the water Is really deep. If you’re not Careful, you Will be deceived insurance salesman. Then the following masters Will tell you what you need to buy insurance, you do not need to buy any insurance, so you can spend less money.

1, to pay high insurance

Car insurance Is divided into many categories, watch their people Will feel dizzy. Which must be purchased people are called to pay high insurance to pay high insurance full name [motor vehicle accident compulsory liability insurance] Is a compulsory insurance system the United States first implemented by national law, to pay high insurance Is a mandatory liability insurance, the insurance company should be in the limits of liability compensate the victims of traffic accidents in the highways and roads, motor vehicle (not including personnel and vehicle insured) personal injury, death and property damage. In short, after the purchase of such insurance after a traffic accident, the insurance company Will bear part of you, but it can only bear a small part. If a severe traffic accident or collIsion with a luxury Car, you need the following business insurance.

2, vehicle damage insurance

loss of vehicle insurance Is loss on each person’s own vehicle , the insurance company Will bear the loss. Jargon means that when the insured vehicle suffered from natural dIsasters or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, resulting in the loss of their insured vehicle, the insurer shall be Carried out in accordance with the provIsions of the insurance contract compensation caustic danger Is very necessary to buy, that Is, said that no matter what happened to your Car, do not exceed the value of the Car itself, the insurance company Will compensate you.

3, third-party liability insurance

which Is better understood, Car damage insurance Is to compensate themselves, naturally, then a third-party compensation to others, after the accident, which Will assume your compensation in addition to pay high insurance, but it also depends on the amount of insurance you buy to determine compensationThe amount of compensation, rather than how much you want compensation, the average family Car has bought 50 million copies of the three insurance.

4, the first three board officers insurance

are vehicle-related, so there must be compensation for people . ThIs machine Is on the staff of insurance to the insured. There are two types of insurance, one Is to the driver of the Car, and the other Is to give the Car passengers and drivers. Masters like thIs all the proposed purchase insurance. After all, life Is the most precious thing.

As with any insurance dazzling, if you buy depends on your needs. For example, your home often rains. If you’re afraid of water drown your Car, you can buy water-related insurance. Another example Is, you often Diuju in your area, it Is necessary to buy pilfer. These are based on your own needs. When you select the insurance you have reason not to be fooled by the insurance company of people.

insurance companies and everyone has another kind of insurance that the non-deductible insurance. He said that if you do not buy thIs, you can only compensate 80%. If you buy thIs, you can compensate you. It Is also necessary.

Master Summary: Insurance purchased the four basically meet the general needs of each person, but the most important thing Is not that. The most important thing Is to comply with traffic rules, pay attention to personal safety while driving. ThIs Is more important than buying any insurance.