How to buy car insurance the most suitable? In fact, buying these four Is enough!

For Car owners, buying Auto insurance each year Is a very difficult thing for everyone, because many types of Auto insurance now, many people do not know how to choose when buying Auto insurance, think a waste of money to buy more , buy less afraid there Is no guarantee that Auto insurance how to buy the most appropriate?

to buy Auto insurance Is not the better, but to buy the most suitable, in general, need to buy Auto insurance following four:

1, strong insurance. Traffic Insurance must be purchased, thIs Is mandatory country, all motor vehicles must be purchased before to pay high insurance can travel on the road, usually the average family of small Cars to pay high insurance costs in the first year of 950 yuan. If the purchase to pay high insurance, then the vehicle on the road Will not only be detained, but also points, and Will be fine, so, you first need to buy Auto insurance Is to pay high insurance.

2, third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance and pay high insurance protection scope of the same, all for the protection of third parties, but have to pay high insurance limit on the amount of compensation, there Is liability ceiling of 12.2 million, the amount of compensation from thIs point of view, major when a traffic accident, to pay high insurance Is not enough to lose, thIs time we should spend a third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance Is called pay high insurance supplement insurance, the sum insured 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and so, when the Car damage Is not enough, you can go third party liability insurance compensation.

3, Car damage. Whether it Is to pay high insurance or third party liability insurance, they are used to protect others, but in practice, virtually scratch the vehicle Is relatively common, if the vehicle Is damaged, to pay compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance can not be used to compensate vehicles loss, in which case we should spend a caustic danger, after buying Car damage insurance, vehicle maintenance Car damage insurance can be used to compensate.

4, non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance Is an additional rIsk, the owner must be before they can configure non-deductible insurance to purchase additional insurance in the case of business owners insurance, general commercial insurance have a deductible, thIs part of the insurance company Is not liable to pay compensation, but some of the losses in the purchase of non-deductible insurance, you may be required to bear their own transfer to the insurance company, so loss, The insurance company Will be in accordance with the Treaty 100% payout of insured vehicles.

In general, more than a few owners to purchase Auto insurance you can enjoy more comprehensive safeguards, but the actual situation of each different owners, so for the purchase of Auto insurance are different types of , I suggest that you buy Auto insurance, in addition to the purchase must pay compulsory insurance, but also according to their actual situation to configure their own commercial Auto insurance.