How to buy car insurance the most money? Buy these types do not spend the extra money wasted

buy insurance Is every vehicle owner must face, in case of an accident themselves and others can have a guarantee, but what exactly the insurance? Why buy? What are the right to buy?

a lot of people just sleepwalk been fooled, but know nothing about, had to buy all rIsks, but for most people, there Is some rIsk of all rIsks it Is no longer applicable, so choose the right Auto insurance in order to be worthy of your wallet, worthy of your Car.

First, the first to say Is to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance we should not unfamiliar, it’s full name Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, Is a must buy, do not buy do not give the road, but also to seize a fine of insurance.

at the time of an accident, only to pay high insurance compensation for property losses suffered by the victim, the insurance Is simply inside the “low” case of an accident Will not point a minute money can not pay.

but to pay high insurance payment amount Is very limited, such as in the case you have a responsibility, the death of the maximum payment limit of $ 110,000 dIsability claim paid ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY), hit the Car only paid 2,000 yuan.

In the case of a collIsion of luxury Cars, paid so little, not enough to pay a fraction of the people, it would have to sell to do Is duck? At thIs time there Is a rIsk to reflect its role in the.

If you take someone else’s Car, things or people crashed in the area of ​​responsibility of thIs insurance can be paid to the rIsk, Is not instantly feel a lot easier?

The third liability insurance Is their own choice, ranging from luxury Cars on the road more and more, third liability insurance according to their own situation or on the more than point as well, so even if you hit the winged B, your insurance company Will not ignore you.

With the third liability insurance Is not afraid to hit other people can not pay, but also broken hIs own Car that country? Traffic Insurance and liability insurance only paid a third of others, can not repair your own Car, which would reflect its caustic dangerOf value.

Car damage insurance Is a must buy, like most accidents occur, as well as the vast majority of earthquakes in addition to natural dIsasters, as long as the , resulting in the loss of vehicles, by motor vehicle damage insurance to payment within thIs range. Insurance companies Will be based on the responsibilities of owners in an accident the size of the compensation should compensate all the 85% -95% of the total amount.

fleece, and lose much money spent to buy insurance the more basic Car damage Is inside the most expensive kind of Car insurance but remember, caustic danger Is insured hIs Car without surety.

At thIs time the vehicle officers liability insurance to reflect its role, and that Is if an accident occurs, it In addition to the immediate family and hIs own negative staff there are liability, if your Car sit mostly your immediate family, you do not need to buy thIs insurance. If you always do what a friend you can consider buying thIs insurance.

However, they also buy points only to lose the driver or the Car owners pay, if often takes a person to open, drivers pay only buy it if every day people everywhere to pull a Car, buy all are possible, but if the accident was someone else’s responsibility, the direct use of three other insurance on it, do not use own thIs vehicle liability insurance.

then how are we to buy these insurers do? Traffic Insurance Needless to say, have to buy, we buy insurance, the largest purpose Is to be able to in the event of accident insurance for us to pay, then the loss of the other three insurance payment recommendation to buy, and lose hIs own Car caustic danger recommendation to buy, lose Car casualty insurance board staff also recommended to buy, but not as important as the first two.

Other types of insurance according to their own situation choose to buy it, but in the final analysIs, whether it Is a Car or other goods, we are only likely to be damaged or lost, insurance has always been a protection, by far the most important thing Is to be Careful so that bring luck, do not escape from danger Is the best insurance.