How to buy car insurance? Several novice to know

Hello everybody, I’m Dr sIster, today, to begin with talk about Car insurance on the protection of persons on board. First, let’s talk about the first of several major insurance Auto insurance. The first one Is to pay high insurance, and pay high insurance Is to protect each other, it can protect each other’s vehicles or property damage, in which damage to property, other property damage, the largest of only 2,000 dollars, which Is not enough. The largest loss of only 122,000 yuan personal accident injury, so in the face of significant casualties, 122,000 yuan Is not enough.

Besides the loss of Car damage insurance Is to protect our own vehicle, remember that only protect the vehicle damage and personal loss of the Car, Car damage insurance Is to protect not primarily to look at the specific insurance company to give you a given amount of insurance, if the 10 million dollars of the Car, the first year may give you reported 90,000 yuan children, may only give you 10 years more than 10,000 security dollars, mainly to see the specific insurance coverage, you may find that you finally buy a Car insurance over 10 thousand dollars of repair Is simply not enough.

thIs Is a very normal thing. The third Is the three insurance, three insurance Is to protect other people and vehicles were right? If we hit a Car in the Car during our three insurance can cover the losses of the other side of the Car. If there are people on board was injured, three insurance may also cover the losses of the other persons on board. And it’s insured key Is how you buy how much money, you buy 1 million at most you can lose 1 million to buy 1.5 million at most Will be paid 1.5 million, and that one million or refers to the 1.5 million single most not cumulative. For example, today you hit a Car, you pay 800,000, you hit the Rolls-Royce tomorrow, you still can lose 800,000.

and the following important thing about Car insurance personnel, and some seats and Car insurance personnel insurance, each insurance company may not the same name, but Talia Is a insurance, can draw parallels, and we start with the seat insurance. The seat Is to protect the name suggests rIsk insurance on our Car attendant seat, for example, we 5 Car, which Is the driver behind the three passengers, the driver can be purchased separately, you can buy the 10000, 30000, 50000 or 100,000, right? Drivers can be purchased separately, but behind these passengers you can buy, youYou can buy 10,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000, but can not be purchased separately, you can either buy four individuals, or do not buy, can not buy only two or three people.

Of course, the seat or the vehicle insurance personnel insurance premium Is relatively low. For example, a passenger may be 20 dollars can protect 1 million dollars, while the driver Is needed 40 bucks, Paul 10000. Because the driver premium Is relatively high, but we can guarantee you that the driver 100,000, right? You can protect 100,000, and you can guarantee that passengers only 10,000, do not add up to 100 dollars on a Car insurance personnel under one roof.

The next ride Is called insurance rIsk, rIsks driving accident insurance in other insurance company or we can also be called staff, thIs Is equated.

driving rIsk Is very interesting, it includes medical insurance occupants, including the man’s death or major dIsability. And we rIsk the seat or the vehicle officers insurance, which includes medical Care, including death or loss of working time costs, Care and so on, but it’s the largest sum insured may be in 10 million dollars, Is probably not enough in the face of death .

and thIs price you can buy insurance 1,000,000 1,000,000 possible war rIsk may require only 200 dollars, but you get your 200 dollars to buy 1 million, he Is paid threshold. Heavy casualties. So you the man you do not have a serious injury, death or no, he Is not paid to you. So it paid the threshold Is relatively high, of course, it Is also possible to have some of the medical and health Care may be part of the highest paid only 20,000 dollars, so it’s 20,000 seats and insurance money Is not there a conflict? Almost to a point.

so we have staff on Car insurance, such as driving dangerous, they must keep the insurance companies look at, look at hIs its various provIsions, it the terms of the agreement, which some may be only a single death agreed terms, may simply not medical terms. ThIs we must be Careful, do not think you spend 200 dollars to buy 100 million, or feel that they are making, right? In fact, the poverty threshold Is quite high.

In short we buy Car insurance to protect themselves not only to buy the Car, but also the property of a third party can be paidLoss, but also to buy their own to ensure the safety of our Car, we have to buy to pay high insurance. 3 person plus non-deductible insurance, or you buy a seat insurance, depending on your situation you can buy a seat insurance, credit insurance to protect the driver’s relatively high point, that Paul 100,000, right? Because the rear passengers if a screeching halt, Is not easily lead us behind the staff appear clearly hurt, so we guarantee a 10,002 or 100,000 Wan also can, and can not spend hundreds of dollars, also one hundred ten dollars, you can.

personnel on the Car insurance, Car insurance personnel, if the occupants insurance, then buy occupants insurance, the sum insured may be able to up to 1,000,200 million and may be relatively high, but it must be optimIstic about the terms of the insurance company, do not be fooled by the large amount of insurance to the. I hope that today thIs simple to share that can help us, I hope you can pay attention.