How to buy car insurance only cost-effective? What’s the use?

are now of interest as the premIse, and now 4S Car sales, Automotive service Will be bundled into – Car insurance.

Do not think that the 4S shop for your new Car and personal sake, worry about your baby Car driving safety and protection, in fact, linked to the interests of your the higher the insurance premium, the commIssion also benefit from the higher number of how many earn, so you say no point to buy insurance in the 4S, “no way,” do not sell your Car, because Car dealers are not making much money, and now service It Is to make money.

General 4S need the insurance you bundle purchased: fixed pay high insurance (required by the government)

third party liability insurance (recommended you 100W of ), put it plainly, it Is hoped you hit the luxury Car can afford to accompany;

Car damage: obviously prices can play a little lower, so that the sum insured can save a little, but Why in accordance with normal the high prices, the premiums have gone up, understand, Is also motivated;

robbery: obviously buy a domestic Car, parked regular parking lot, 4S would say, now the World wind day next, a lot of Car theft, the problem Is in the regular parking lot, a vehicle Is lost, not stolen emergency compensation

and passengers insurance: protection of the driver of passengers accident, in the Car injured as a compensation for medical expenses;

wading insurance: only reported engine

spontaneous combustion: personal feeling superfluous;

additional rIsks:

rIsk scratches: one additional vehicle damage, loss of a Car can be substantially belt, but not plain, do yourself out of sheet metal and paint, enough for 3 times ;

Glass alone: ​​+2 longitudinal wind protection rearview mirror;

2 DIsclaimer: Car damage and third party of;

4S almost tied these can basically buy, he claims, or suggest that you buy, or the old, fleece.

what we add to it?