How to buy car insurance only cost-effective?

Hello everybody, I’m old driver comment, private letter last time a friend asked me, just bought a new Car, the insurance should be how to buy? More cost-effective, and today we come to talk about in detail.

The first one Is to pay high insurance, thIs Is a national mandatory, you do not buy you’re not on the road, like we ordinary Cars, the first time to buy $ 950 if you are more than six words, the first time to buy Is 1,100 yuan, then the year you do not appear the second year Is to give you 10% off the second year does not appear the first three years of the time Will give you 20% dIscount, to pay high insurance it the payment amount Is 10 points limited casualties of the maximum payment amount Is only 110,000, apparently 110,000 Is not enough, so that we need to buy commercial insurance, the commercial insurance you can understand that it Is to pay high insurance supplement, then business there are also a lot of rIsk insurance, a lot of new friends, especially friends are dIsturbed, I do not know how to do?

In fact, we can classify it a bit, nothing more than the insurance Is to protect you, then that Is a third-party guarantee, above all, protect your own Car, that Is caustic danger, when we buy caustic danger, it Is recommended everyone that you are the frame number, let insurance Is filled to capacity, and now some insurance company salesman that he would recommend that you dIscount insurance, say you thIs Car the invoice price Is 100,000, then he let you guarantee 80,000, so your premiums may be slightly decreased, but if you later use caustic danger, he paid time also in accordance to 80,000 you lose, you protect 80,000 dIscount, or your full capacity of 100,000 insurance premiums, in fact, the gap Is very small, but when you actually use it and so he sent 20,000, it Is recommended that you say your Car you now have bought the insurance, then pay the third party Is to pay three insurance, third party property damage left three people and vehicles insurance, suggest that you be sure to protect it, at least a million start, and some friends bought three insurance , buy a 300,000 or 500,000 to buy, but now on In fact, it Is not enough, you can think about the situation to the extreme, and now you just touch a woman, a man hit, 300,000, 500,000 actually not enough of you a trivial, you can check out the death benefit each city, death compensation basically now second and third tier cities basically eighty-nine million.

If in aTier cities, it Is the death benefit more than one million, so that according to your own situation, we started at least one million, some friends, and I bought it 300,000, 500,000 less than I have, and I buy 1 million, I’m not a waste of money, we buy insurance do not have thIs mentality, they do not have access always the best insurance you so you are in peace. But who can guarantee that every day can drive smoothly, itself 300 dollars, 500 000 and 1 million also sent a few hundred dollars, we Will spend a few hundred dollars, so when you really use Is a few gap of thousands.

then let insurance law also provides for a franchIse, without your full responsibility, you have to bear 20% of the compensation. For example, traffic accidents in a total amount of compensation Is 100,000, then the insurance company gives you only pay 80,000, and 20,000 dollars need Is your own pocket, thIs time we can buy a non-deductible insurance, thIs the role of insurance Is to shift the responsibility for your own insurance company for compensation that part, which Is the insurance company to give you all the compensation itself Is not deductible insurance Is very cheap, suggest that you have to buy insurance compulsory insurance turned over to the state’s three compulsory insurance Paul third-party Car insurance, Car insurance yourself, then there are additional non-deductible insurance, we ordinary family Car 100 020 Wan family Cars you buy these four types of insurance have been perfectly sufficient, in fact, a very high price , that you spend the least money, then you can get the maximum protection ah.

Well, here today, if they feel there Is help, please help me to point a praIse, thank you.