How to buy car insurance? Old drivers usually buy these two kinds of insurance, luxury cars hit enough to lose

how to buy Car insurance? Old drivers usually buy these two kinds of insurance, luxury Cars hit enough to pay the

before the Car can not buy insurance, the Car casually country does not force you like now spend a little one thousand hundred dollars to pay high insurance. But encountered some special cases such as cheap Car hit a van on a broken man caused other property damage, but the Car ran a shameful matter, the injured party would have to spend money to themselves first and then deal with thIs unexpected dIsaster to take the judicial or something, to be able to come up or not two different things. Finally, the two sides fight could turn even kills, and it became instability in the society so pay compulsory insurance came into being!

So how much to pay high insurance can pay it? In both cases the owner Is a situation full responsibility to pay high insurance compensation for a total of 122,000 yuan of which can be up to one hundred and ten thousand medical dIsability compensation for property losses 2,000 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY). The second situation Is the owner no responsibility, then the highest death and dIsability Is 11000 Is 1000 medical costs almost called an ambulance emergency treatment of injuries, property Is 100 in total Is 12,100 yuan.

to pay high insurance compensation way, what Is it? To pay high insurance and commercial insurance different, such as the owners of commercial insurance for drunk driving, drug driving license which Is not the insurance company Is not compensable. Even if the owners full responsibility he can exclusions, and pay high insurance different just said that even if the owner no liability Is compensable, the other Is encountered above said drunk driving drug driving Is not license them to pay high insurance also can defer compensation by the insurance company and the insurance companies find those responsible for money.

to pay high insurance compensation enough? In general the money Is not enough to use, and Why? It says up to 2,000 yuan compensation for property that had been hit a Car bumper scratch what ah hit the door and the like, for the average Car Is certainly adequate but if you are a hit hundreds of thousands of millions of Car it Is certainly not enough up, not to mention the more serious collIsion point, if you encounter dIsability or death compensation of 120,000 Is certainly not enough, so pay high insurance seems to only be regarded as a complementary insurance.

at least most of the wordsGood to have a third party liability insurance it’s only a guarantee, and Will not if it was a big point of the story Is lost when too large even unable to cope with the situation, the Issue of insurance Well today we would want to say up! So you have any questions owners do?