How to buy car insurance? Old driver told you.

motor vehicle insurance, we usually buy a Car with a Car, you must buy. But a wide range of insurance, which requires us to make choices which need to buy and what not to buy, here today to tell you.

1 to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance full name Is “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, insurance companies cause of the traffic accident victims insured vehicle Is involved, personal injury, death, or property damage, the compensation must be within the limits of the insurance liability compulsory insurance.

ThIs insurance Is a must buy, or affect the vehicle settled inspection Car, transfer and all other formalities. Police were seen milo, but also impose a rIsk insurance to pay high amount to twice the fine. ThIs insurance Is bought for someone else, give a degree of protection and compensation for victims, say the following to protect their own insurance.

commercial insurance

commercial insurance Is commonly known as ” all rIsks ”, a good number of insurance points.

Car damage, loss caused by the accident to protect their vehicle Is involved in general insurance limit Is 100W. Buying a Car damage insurance should be based on the value of the vehicle and age of the vehicle, be sure to buy a Car a little better, especially luxury Cars, repair cost Is really high, age old Car can be considered not buy, because the old Car caustic danger the price Is not how to engage high.

three insurance, compulsory insurance and compensation Is the same as others, due to the mandatory insurance Is basic, there are certain limits of liability, the three rIsk Will increase the amount of compensation, have 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, the amount of the more expensive the higher the premium, but the economic circumstances permit proposal buy 50 million or more, usually spend more money to buy high point, the key moment comes in handy Is still a big difference .

non-deductible insurance, a lot of friends do not know what Is the meaning of thIs insurance Is that it Is an additional rIsk commercial insurance, the insurance company rootsAccording to the provIsions of 80% of the liability insurance law, there Is a 20% deductible responsibility, it simply means that to buy one hundred percent compensation, do not buy the insurance companies only compensate you 80%.

These are the ” price ” relatively high insurance, there are a lot, for example, board staff insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, scratches insurance, what a lot of friends can according to their own circumstances and vehicle use, where appropriate, to buy it.

I hope my article can help you. thank you all.