How to buy car insurance? Old Driver: buy three kinds of it, and more Is a waste

to on how to buy Car insurance? Old Driver: buy three kinds of it, and more Is a waste of the development of society, now the Car on the road Is more and more, and that time has brought a lot of traffic pressure, but also with the accident rate the increased, so that there are a lot of Car owners in buying thIs Will go after traveling to hIs Car insurance on the road, what accidents occur, they would have to reduce some of the owners of the economic pressure, the type of insurance Is more training and more, so that there Is a lot of novice owners to buy insurance at the time, for they are not particularly familiar with, do not know what kind of insurance to buy, as well as under the Chaozhou simply put a lot of insurance to buy, that would be more a waste of money, there are also some insurance with less than, say so in buying insurance, they also are required to buy their own can get some insurance, those economic conditions are relatively good owners, if you want to buy some insurance then also possible, if the economic conditions are not very good for those times, you do not buy insurance when blind buy, buy these types of insurance can be, and buy more That Is a waste.

First, the first one Is to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance Is a type of insurance with state regulations require compulsory purchase, and to pay high insurance hIs Car Is compulsory traffic accident liability Insurance, the insurance bought after there Will be a sign to pay high insurance Is the need posted above the windshield in front of the Car, traveling on the road if the time waited to see that you did not post above the mark of such insurance, It Will be punIshed, and that it Is to pay high insurance by insurance companies to the insured vehicle casualties property damage he Will compensate the owners, and it Is a kind of mandatory liability insurance, to pay high insurance costs before a traffic accident It Is about 950 dollars, but then there are the new changes, if your Car each year Is relatively high rate of dangerous condition, then later to pay premiums Will be more and more, and he Will not be as premiums as before Is a fixed amount.

The third Is a third party business liability insurance, also known as third party liability insurance, hIs meaning Is lost to a third party with the owner also Is no relationship, and third party liability insurance Is a very intellectual type of insurance, so that you can not buy buy buy can not buy, and thIs third party Will pay it as strongSupplementary insurance, in the case of a major accident occurs again if the amount Is not enough to pay high insurance payment, then you can use a third party to Carry out insurance payment, type of insurance and third party insurance Is generally divided into three relatively common but also type of insurance Is 500,000 and one million types of insurance, and if you buy a low-end Car, in some four-tier cities or rural place to live, then I can buy 50 million insurance policy, if you are in a second-tier cities, buy a luxury Car, it Is best to buy 1 million of insurance.

that Is non-deductible insurance, the insurance stands for excluding franchIse, special provIsions, it also Is a form of commercial insurance, and the insured there are a lot of older drivers, they are also going to buy, and it Is as an additional insured he Is also required to master the type of insurance as a condition of the insured, but can not insure another individual, if in the case of traffic accidents shall be calculated in accordance with the provIsions of the main provIsions of the corresponding rIsk insurance franchIse, if the insurer bear some of the deductible amount, then the insurance company Will be responsible for payment and in which a liability limit, so that the non-deductible insurance or We need to buy, and it’s deductible ratio of 30%. So buy these types of insurance when buying insurance Is enough, if you need anything else, you can also buy some other insurance according to your own needs Is also possible.