How to buy car insurance most cost-effective, these types of insurance can not buy, the better the three must

a lot of friends after a Car, the cost of keeping a Car for control Is very concerned about, and the cost of keeping a Car, insurance spending Is undoubtedly a big project, the insurance must be paid in addition to the traffic compulsory insurance, as well as Some commercial insurance. In these types of insurance, some insurance Is necessary, such as Car damage insurance and third party insurance, some insurance Is relatively tasteless, like spontaneous combustion Car insurance and Car pilfer.

Car spontaneous combustion rIsk: spontaneous combustion Car once, if it Is a new Car, it Is necessary to identify the cause of the first time, there Is a problem to find manufacturers. And the Car ignition probability of occurrence Is low, it Is difficult to confirm after the occurrence of the specific reasons, often after less than last bought, Is a very tasteless insurance. Such insurance generally only time Will buy a new Car, insurance of real choice, they Will not go to buy such insurance.

Car pilfer: Car robbery does exIst a decade ago, in the present social phenomenon of Car theft has been very less. Are filled with surveillance video, do not run away after stealing a Car. Besides security configuration luxury Cars are high, also equipped with positioning, simply do not steal. Ordinary family sedan only as a black Car to sell, the price Is less than one-tenth of the original price of the Car. General caught, sentencing standards in accordance with valuation models to set, low rIsk high gain, Car theft who had almost dIsappeared. And there Is a time limit vehicle pilfer, if thIs period the Car to get it back, then it Is no longer responsible, difficult reimbursement, small probability of occurrence, the insured may not want to buy.

third party Car insurance: Car damage insurance Is a must buy, unless your Car has no value repairs. Car three are now the most important types of insurance, most people are less than three, but when once used, the three Will prevent you a chance to ruin. If a traffic accident deaths caused, then the amount of compensation Will be hundreds of million, if three not enough money, then you need the money themselves. Three generally divided into 500,000, 1 million, 2 million three stalls to the current standard of compensation just good to see one million, 200 safer, less than 500,000 in compensation phenomenon may occur.

In addition to these insurance, like glass breakage, scratches insurance belong to the more popular insurance, insurance for these relatively high price of a luxury Car models. Select the appropriate insurance can not only save some unnecessary overhead, but also allows the owner of the traffic safety more secure.