How to buy car insurance more cost-effective?

Auto insurance Is required every year to buy insurance, buy a one-year warranty one year, one year Is not dangerous condition, the insurance equivalent of “white” buy. Under normal circumstances Auto insurance can be purchased 90 days in advance, must not expire before start buying, because due to various unpredictable factors could protect halfway off, it Will lose a lot of.

If the Auto insurance Is about to expire, you have to prepare what information? If only renewal Is very convenient, you can provide the license plate number to purchase insurance. If you are ready to turn on the more data protection more: identity Card, driving license and vehicle regIstration thIs Is a copy of a copy. If the Car Is the unit still needs a copy of the organization code. How to buy Car insurance Is more cost-effective it?

Select Auto insurance can refer to the following:

1 strength of insurance companies

2 good reputation of insurance companies

3 integrity… insurance agent

4. affordable, usually have preferential

5. wide network coverage

6. You can select net sales, electricity sales, store sales , sales agents

7. Paul Will turn the Auto insurance dIscount

8. buy Auto insurance has a gift of