How to buy car insurance? Knowing thIs allows you to be less salesman pit!

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Auto insurance

As more and more Car sales, Car insurance Is rIsing varieties, some for novice drivers, buy insurance on a gum tree, select obstacles. In addition must buy to pay high insurance, commercial insurance, can be described as full of tricks, there are many types, many of the standard. Insurance salesmen are often under gentle offensive, buy should not buy insurance. Paul also spent odds not by much, today we give you categorize it, what Is the buy, what not to buy!

proportion to buy insurance, and the most common type of insurance

of the purchase of

here almost everyone has had to buy insurance proportion, three insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance, driver’s seat liability insurance, passenger seat liability insurance, pilfer, these three insurance generally buy most caustic danger and non-deductible insurance, ranked second, glass insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, scratches insurance, which Is insurance for new Cars luxury Cars and other types of insurance can be buy according to their needs. So buy Auto insurance still need condemnation. If you are a new Car, or a high-end Car, then you would buy a whole.

For older drivers recommended type of insurance

to see to many insurance Is not a headache?

For older drivers, buy three insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance on the same subject. If you often run high-speed, passenger or driver you are, then buy a driver’s seat liability insurance, passenger seat liability insurance and spontaneous combustion rIsk, they Will be able to solve most of these problems! If you are in a coastal city that then buy wading insurance.

full insurance Is not a panacea, the most essential Is the three insurance

in the end how to buy Insurance?

Another point Is that the salesman said all rIsks! Do not think to buy a full insurance would not worry about anything, in fact, does not mean that all rIsks accident insurance company can lose it all, but you buy insurance a little more. But it has an upper limit Is only useful third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance, with the same pay high insurance, not how much you pay much loss, but according to the amount you buy insurance, you are watching, or, or 1 million, the amount 200,000 500,000 buy higher course the more insured.

Xiao Bian Tip

exactly what to buy Insurance

in order to hit the luxury Car are not afraid, then buy third party liability insurance, then buy non-deductible insurance, do not mIsunderstand, I’m not an insurance salesman, but an accident too late to buy the insurance. But the most important thing Is to be Careful driving, the insurance can not to do good.