How to buy car insurance Is considered the most money? Someone who tells you: buy these types do not waste money

how to buy Car insurance Is considered the most money? Someone who tells you: buy these types do not waste money

Auto insurance thIs thing like going to rain mother Will get married, like, you do not know when it Will “bam “look, so the buying still have to buy, but they should not buy determined not to buy. So how do you buy thIs Car insurance Is considered to be the most economical? Someone who tells you that these types of insurance to buy without spending extra money wasted!

First of all we still have to have a Car insurance awareness, a lot of people up on the blocked salesman, after it was fooled bought all rIsks, may All rIsks undoubtedly spend a lot of time and money, so we only buy, not expensive, so as to be worthy of your wallet, worthy of your Car.

so-called cross-strong insurance to its name, really strong cross, the full name Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance Is sure to buy, do not buy do not to the road, had a fine grasp of insurance to note Is that in the accident to pay high insurance compensation only loss suffered by the victim, that Is, subsIstence allowances, and thIs Is some people do not take into account strong economic strength to face the accident, so let you also can not pay and Will not pay for, but also a face of insurance, but the face of insurance Is very important.

The third liability insurance Is their own choice, because often the emergence of luxury Cars on the road, so often in the river walk firmly believe defiled, one day you’ll run into a luxury Car, that time, not a twenty thousand Will be able to resolve the matter, so the third liability insurance according to their own circumstances or on multi-point as well, so even if you hit a Rolls-Royce, Insurance The company also Will not leave you no matter what.

and these two just to get you out of insurance after an accident, a little decent insurance because the insurance Is to pay these people, and home repairs or out of their own, so caustic danger to reflect its value. Car damage Is certain and must buy, because whether general or in addition to the vast majority of traffic accidents caused by natural dIsasters earthquakes unexpected loss of your Car, Car damage claims can be, and are within the scope of thIs. Of course, thIs Is also the insurance company Will investigate elegant, the owner of the accidentResponsibility size, but depends on the amount of compensation, the total amount of compensation Is generally between 85 to 95 percent, it may be out for a large part of the money, so thIs little bit of money still out.

Of course, all Car damage insurance Is the most expensive, because the US market Is a classic quotation: fleece! After all, the amount of compensation has reached 95 percent, so you also have your truth. But you need to note Is that, after you buy the Car damage, if an accident, you lose injured but does not guarantee, surety caustic danger Is not only Car insurance, have to pay attention to thIs.

The final step Is liability insurance, Is about personnel Issues on the driver and the vehicle, it should be noted that in addition to immediate family members and persons outside their own bear liability, in other words, it Is what you are family Cars, often take the wife and kids that you can not buy, but if it Is a vehicle travel services, definitely buy.