How to buy car insurance, insurance companies do not be fooled

Many consumers may be required to choose their own vehicles based on a vehicle’s appearance, performance, price, reputation, brand, but most buyers Will not choose the type of insurance they need, often to lIsten recommended that the insurance company salesman to buy, they Will not buy their own insurance, and met with some of the industry’s unspoken rules.

First, we often sales people Will be forced to buy insurance in the store at the time of 4S shop to buy a vehicle, but Issued April 1, 2017 the latest requirements, 4S shop Is not entitled to compulsory insurance in the shop. If we are forced to buy insurance consumers encounter in the course of the Car, you can make a complaint call the telephone business sector.

4S shop to force consumers to purchase insurance in the store reason Is nothing more than a money word. How high 4S shop consignment insurance profits? General insurance companies in the first year of the new Car to the 4S shop rebates between 33 percent to 40 percent points, highly competitive areas may be more engaged.

Having said that we need to talk about what insurance Is purchased, which can choose to buy.

must buy Auto insurance: pay compulsory insurance (vehicles on the road must buy insurance), motor vehicle damage insurance, third motor vehicle liability insurance, designated repair shop insurance, vehicle damage insurance can not be found third-party special insurance. Insurance Is more than several small series have to buy insurance, motor vehicle insurance rates which Editor’s Choice purchase limit of 100W, thIs really does not take much money, but the key moment can help save you a lot of trouble.

can be selectively buy insurance: glass breakage insurance alone (often ran to tell thIs to my friends, Is a must buy insurance, because a high-speed small stone it Is possible to put your glass collapse), spontaneous combustion vehicle insurance (insurance for thIs vehicle Is still in the warranty period can not buy, but the warranty period WanA spontaneous combustion, 4S shop may refuse to claims for various reasons. For more than five years of vehicle, small advice or honest to buy a spontaneous combustion rIsk it. ), Wading vehicle insurance (for the southern city of waterlogging more vehicles, the vehicle wading insurance Is compulsory insurance, once the vehicle causing the engine inlet, the insurance company exclusions in the case of wading bought thIs after insurance, you can get the claims.), the vehicle pilfer (vehicle anti-theft systems are now maturing, buy thIs insurance consumers less and less, if often parked outside a friend, or recommend to buy pilfer. ).

Insurance today small Will say so much, I hope readers can buy their own needs proper insurance. Xiao Bian remember like attention.