How to buy car insurance in the end the most money? !

Professor usually continue to give you explain vehicle shopping guide, Automotive technical knowledge, analysIs of the Automotive industry, I believe we have benefited immensely friends, the professors say something about Auto insurance, Car insurance and in fact we did not imagined so complicated, many people do not understand in the case of insurance, with “more to buy the insurance more secure” concept, almost new Car floor, Will buy all rIsks, but in fact thIs does not apply to all of us, so thIs Issue, and you talk to the professor, how did thIs kind of Auto insurance, how to buy the most money.

or more of these three types of insurance, the Traffic Insurance Is a national compulsory purchase, while the other two based on our the road of minimum guarantees, we also have to buy. However, there Is a full range of these vehicles Additional Insurance to protect our Car, to see if you are buying a.

simply to finIsh a few types of insurance, then what Is suitable for us with how different types of owners do?