How to buy car insurance? In fact, only buy four on the line, riders: a pit for several years

Waste of money to buy more Auto insurance? In fact, to buy four on the line, users: wasted a lot of money. Now society, no matter what it can buy insurance; previously only gives people buy insurance, and now even buy crop insurance, Car Is no exception, many people buy a Car, the first thing Is to buy a Car insurance policy, and thIs kind of thing can be divided into the insurance, compulsory insurance Is a national compulsory buy commercial insurance Is to see myself, would like to only buy, I do not want to buy someone else does not force you to buy. Today, Xiao Bian gave you thIs talk about the insurance thing, what exactly should buy, which do not need to buy.

As the name suggests, just driven a Car knows that Auto insurance Is for everyone after hIs Car damaged, it can be compensated for an economic channel of course, the compulsory insurance also has compensation, commercial insurance there are compensation, a lot of friends said, so many years to buy Car insurance, wasted a lot of money, in fact, the last think a lot of insurance Is no need to buy, Xiao Bian think so, many Insurance Is no need to buy, buy only those below these types guarantee you navigate worry-free.

First of all, be sure to buy compulsory insurance, you do not buy thIs too can not help you, gave you not say; down Is a commercial insurance, commercial insurance , there Is a third party liability insurance, you have to buy thIs proposal, because thIs Is after the vehicle Is running to prevent accidents, most have a compensation of insurance, of course, many older drivers Will say, I am so good technology, but also buy thIs insurance? ThIs does not mean that it Will necessarily happen, but “just in case”, but Xiaobian that you usually drive slowly would not have happened. Third party liability insurance was hit by a Car after people give each other for compensation, not compensation to the Car, which we want to know.

There Is a kind of insurance rIsks seat, thIs small series also suggest that you buy, because thIs Car safety Issues related to the passengers, who drove play there Is no guarantee what Will happen the Car, so on thIs or better to buy insurance, to buy the price Is not very high, it depends on how much you buy it. The last one Is excluding special insurance deductible, which we are not very clear, let us look at science, so-called excluding special insurance deductible, which means the special non-deductible Auto insurance inAbout the terms, it Is a commercial one additional rIsks. The insurance usually refers to specially agreed, the insurance after the accident, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculated part of the deductible should be borne by the insured, the insurer liable for the kind of insurance . I do not know to say, we can not be able to understand, suggest that you buy thIs insurance on the good.

In fact, Auto insurance buy the top four on the line, the rest of what scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, pilfer and so no need to buy, because many Taking into account the insurance people dIscounts, scratches and so no need to report insurance claims, spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not to say, nothing to do every day, which Car spontaneous combustion? Robbery, not to mention, unless you drive a 1980s Automobile production, Automobile anti-theft function now very powerful. Many netizens said that “money wasted so many years, to then think about Is really a big loss.” Waste of money to buy more Car insurance? In fact, to buy four on the line, users: wasted a lot of money. Insurance for such a thing, how do you see it?