How to buy car insurance? How the combination was the most cost-effective? Senior Sales 4s shop say

With the social development, accelerate the pace of life, more and more people choose to buy a scooter travel. With the scooter, you have to buy Auto insurance, annual cost of Car insurance, Is not a small amount, so many owners to renew most of the time only select “Traffic Insurance + three insurance + + Car damage Is not deductible” ThIs program . In addition In addition, there are some people feel that they drove a long time, better driving skills, one year hardly escape from danger, so they Will choose to purchase “Traffic Insurance 500 000 +100 Wan or three insurance.” However, for us to buy insurance, in case the owners accident killed people, and that the insurance company paid, how would it?

Article 56 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law” stipulates that motor vehicle traffic accidents resulting in personal injury, property damage, the insurance company machine EMU compulsory third party liability insurance coverage within the limits of liability for compensation; shortage of parts, bear the liability in accordance with the following provIsions 🙁 a) traffic accidents between motor vehicles liable by the party at fault; both sides are at fault , according to the proportion of their shared responsibility …… fault of pedestrians deliberately caused the collIsion of the motor vehicle, the motor vehicle shall not be liable for damages. That compensation after the accident, Is to pay high insurance claims in advance, by the parties in proportion to the remaining portion of shared responsibility.

1, to pay high insurance payout

Article XXI “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance regulations” provides that the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents caused by the vehicle staff, being bodily injuries other than the insured property losses, shall be compensated within the liability limit in motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance by the insurance company. Loss of road traffic accidents are caused deliberately by the victim, the insurance company Is not compensable.

basIs to pay high insurance regulations: Insurance companies have liability limit of death and dIsability of 110,000, medical expenses compensation limit of $ 10,000, property damage compensation limit of 2,000 yuan, a total of 122 000 . No liability limit of 11,000, medical costs compensation limit of 1,000 yuan, property loss of 100 yuan, totaling 12,100 yuan. The cost of which has been included inside: funeral expenses, death compensation payments,DIsability compensation payments, Care, rehabilitation costs, transportation costs, and so on. So pay high insurance payouts can bring itself Is not much, but thIs amount Is accumulated within a year, more than their own can only advance up.

In other words, to pay high insurance payout, first look Responsibility, compensation for death by Responsibility divIsion, within the limits of compensation. For example, the vehicle should take full responsibility, death compensation of 500,000, then the insurance companies bear only 122,000, if the vehicle Is a secondary responsibility, accounting for 20% of compensation 50X20%, which Is 100,000, under such circumstances, compensation 100,000 on it.

2, the three insurance payment

three insurance insurance liability Is defined as follows: in the “period of insurance, the liability for damage insured person or allow the driver of legitimate place in the use of the insured vehicle during an accident, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, which shall be borne by the insured, the insurer in accordance with the specified in the insurance contract, for some more than motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance compensation limit for each category responsible for compensation. “

in other words, the three insurance payments are based on our insurance to the insured amount given, if the owner Is insured for one million three insurance, the accident resulting in death and dIsability compensation in the amount of 1.81 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) need it, because it Is the full responsibility, so first of 110,000 to be paid by the Traffic insurance after three insurance Is paid one million, and the remaining 700,000 have the owners of hIs own pocket. If in the accident, the owner only negative secondary responsibility, the proportion of 60%, then we only need compensation 1.086 million, to pay high insurance payments 110 000, 976 000 and that the remaining three insurance Is responsible for the payment. In addition, three insurance and pay high insurance Is not the same, the payment amount Is not cumulative, as long as the insurance period, the maximum payment amount each accident Is 100 million.

3, three insurance how to buy the right

Some drivers master would say, drive yourself, do not drink , not vindictive, regular maintenance, only buy to pay high insurance and commercial third party half a million, plus non-deductible on the line, and some drivers do not agree with the master, recognizeFor the three insurance have to buy at least 100 million. Their reasoning Is now just a town on account of compensation for death more than 50 million, or if you hit people in the hospital a week to spend 100,000, the other Is the prime ages, under the old and small, but also the elderly and children alimony, people deal with thIs matter of lost wages, funeral expenses, etc. add up to probably be more than 1 million, and if you only buy half a million three insurance, Is clearly not enough. And buy 500,000 three insurance Will not spend more than 300 yuan. Therefore it Is recommended to have to buy at least one million of the three rIsk.

According to the relevant provIsions: motor vehicle traffic accidents resulting in personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit the scope of compulsory third party liability insurance the insurance company, lack of in part paid by commercial insurance; still insufficient borne by the individual. So, for only bought three traffic compulsory insurance and insurance of the owner, once accidents resulting in personal injury occur, both Will be paid in. Therefore, it Is recommended that three insurance buy higher. And we need to note that the three to pay high insurance and insurance are paid only to each other, they can not pay their vehicles.

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