How to buy car insurance every year? We help you to save money!

A lot of people buy a Car, the first year 4S stores are being forced to buy the whole security requirements, and after the expiration of Auto insurance can choose to purchase the insurance. Many people ask, what insurance comparIson Is worth buying it? What insurance do not need to buy it? KC Here give a simple analysIs.

1, selected Will buy insurance

most people when buying Auto insurance, there Will be a psychological level, such as my Car was bare purchase price Is 115,000, I hope can accept Auto insurance cost Is less than 4,000 yuan. First year not had insurance, to pay high insurance Is 855 yuan, travel tax 480 yuan, then the commercial insurance budget got left 3665 yuan, then I’m going to choose Will buy the insurance.

Car damage insurance Is used to protect our own Car, whether it Is a traffic accident or a natural dIsaster (except earthquake), can be used for Car damage claims. Caustic danger to the maximum to reduce the economic losses caused by the accident, but from a psychological perspective, the new Car owners Will particularly Care of my Car, so buy a Car more damage can be foolproof.

caustic danger of the payment amount Is based on the prices to come, but the prices Will be depreciated per year, the average depreciation rate Is 7.2% per year.


third party liability insurance and pay high insurance similar, are used to pay someone else, but to pay high insurance guarantee amount Is relatively low, if it Is knocked down or luxury Car causing people injury, third party liability insurance Is not really enough to lose. As a novice driving down the road a year, third party liability insurance Is to buy anyway. The sum insured

third party liability insurance 50,000 100,000 , 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, more range, and now most people like to buy 100 million, after all, the price difference of a few hundred pieces, it really an accident occurs or a far cry from the payment.

2 freely chosen insurance

finIshed the election Will buy insurance, thIs time we can choose some relatively high cost, or do you think insurance useful to you. My advice Is never deductible insurance, could not find a third-party special insurance, board officers liability insurance in these three choices. These types of insurance to a relatively low price, and secondly, practicality Is also relatively high.

whether you buy a Car between a 10% -30% loss liability or three, depending on the responsibility for the accident Will have the franchIse, that Is not all lost, if the purchase Is not deductible, accidents, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculated, should be borne by the owners themselves part of the deductible amount, the insurance The company Will help owners pay.

Cost non-deductible insurance Is generally the main rIsk of 15% ( Car damage, three responsible), pilfer not deductible Is 20%. My Car damage Is 3250 yuan plus three responsible, non-deductible insurance total of 487.5 yuan, with almost budget.

Car damage there Is a clause that says, “loss of the insured motor vehicle shall be responsible for compensation by a third party, the third party can not be found, the implementation of a 30% absolute franchIse.” ThIs means that our Car Is damaged others, if can not find the perpetrators, 30% of the repair costs Will themselves buy the non-deductible insurance Is useless, in reality, such cases occurred frequently.

I am Willing to buy thIs insurance, because the price Is only Car damage 2.5% insurance, my Car just spent 42 yuan, compared to 30% of the cost of repairs, I think it Is quite a bargain.

in summary, within the budget of their own Auto insurance, we should give priority to purchase the Car damage, three, non-deductible insurance, seat insurance, third-party can not be found special insurance, if the higher your budget, you can also buy pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, glass insurance, scratches insurance, etc., but these need to buy a relatively not so, according to their actual situation Car It may be.