How to buy car insurance? Every minute so you no longer entangled

a wide range of Car insurance, for friends just bought a Car, drove for several years and even friends, do not quite understand how the Auto insurance, Auto insurance for themselves what, in the end to buy their own insurance Auto insurance or guarantee enough not too wasteful, and today we sort out what Auto insurance for everyone must purchase insurance which, under what circumstances, and some may not buy insurance.

common Auto insurance combinations:

Basic programs: to pay high insurance + third party liability insurance (100,000 yuan) + vehicle liability insurance.

the best economic plan: to pay high insurance + third party liability insurance (200,000 yuan) + board officers liability insurance pilfer + + + Car damage Is not deductible special.

The best protection scheme: + strong insurance third party liability insurance (50 million) + + vehicle liability insurance Car damage pilfer + + + no special glass alone deductible Breakage or side mirror lights + + scratches insurance breakage alone.

First, whether a new Car, used Car or a novice, veteran, to pay compulsory insurance must be purchased. ThIs Is a national compulsory insurance, Is the most basic protection.

Second, if the economy Is not well-off or lower the value of the vehicle owners can directly select third party liability insurance, which provides a minimum guarantee.

Third, increasing loss of vehicle insurance on the basIs of third party liability insurance and pay high insurance on, thIs Is a common combination, can (people) and the loss of the other vehicle (Car) play a fundamental basic protection of their own .

Fourth, loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance Is a basic insurance, since the bulk has been spent, with no deductible and vehicle pilfer two additional rIsk on thIs basIs. Is the choice of most people, the rIsk of loss of vehicle can fell very low.

Fifth, if your Car Is not in the detached garage, often parked on the roadside, the glass can easily smashed, the proposed purchase of glass breakage alone, if there Is a separate garage or parking safer can not buy .

Sixth, the first year of a new Car or a novice, easy to scratch and other small incidents, the proposed purchase of scratch insurance.

In summary, in addition to the state of a necessary”Traffic Insurance”, the owner can proceed from their own actual situation, choose the most suitable for their own insurance, only economic but also fully protected.