How to buy car insurance? Do not tangle of caustic danger, so buy it do not suffer

how to buy Car insurance? Do not tangle of caustic danger, so buy it does not suffer!

buy a Car already now people just need a lot of people feel that what simply can not afford to buy a house, you might as well buy a Car now, so the pressure Is relatively much smaller, Well you can rent a house with a Car purchased which ones can be very convenient. When it comes to buying a Car, that the above cost a lot, like on annual premiums are several Daqian, thIs Is a must to spend, do not buy insurance Is not a fundamental way, but there are a lot of kinds of insurance, we You should choose what or what not to buy it? Let’s look at it the better buy the insurance?

[kind of insurance]

In fact, the insurance does not buy the better , but there are many owners think so, after all, can give comfort on your heart. But many Car owners to save money, insurance buy very little, first of all to understand what Car insurance Is included: any third party insurance, loss of vehicle insurance, the whole Car pilfer, glass breakage alone, spontaneous combustion rIsk, excluding deductible, had no liability insurance, Car insurance personnel, body scratches insurance, wading insurance.

[must be selected]

know so much insurance that we What are the must buy it?

〖pay high insurance〗

First of all pay high insurance per vehicle owners must buy, since it Is a must buy, then we should know that its use Is doing. Traffic Insurance Is called “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, and Is forced to buy, root provIsions: Traffic Insurance Is already insured vehicle during driving, an accident occurred on others causing personal injury, property damage, the insurance company to compulsory liability insurance compensation. But it does not include the vehicle does not include the personnel and the insured.

〗 〖insurance rates

just saidThIs does not include the Car insured persons and, where necessary combined with third liability insurance, and Is a supplement to pay high insurance. Although thIs insurance Is not compulsory purchase, but for the safety of personnel on board, or must buy, after all Cars on the road Will inevitably be problems. Buy liability insurance and in the third best time of not less than 500,000.

〖〗 not deductible

non-deductible insurance, Is an additional insurance, usually refers to specially agreed, the insurance after the accident occurred, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculated part of the deductible should be borne by the insured, the insurer liable for a Insurance.

[proposed] selected

〗 〖Car damage

caustic danger Is loss of vehicle insurance, some friends Will feel no need to buy, look after its role Is recommended to buy. Role: When our vehicle with the permIssion of the personnel driving, leading to the occurrence of an insured event caused by a vehicle in the case of damage to the insured vehicle, the insurance company should be compensated within a reasonable range. , the higher the price of insurance, of course, the more expensive

Of course, how much Car damage Is based on the price of the vehicle to decide. Many of my friends think Carefully open after the accident would not have happened to buy a Car Is not bought, in fact, in these types of situations can not buy, one vehicle has been a warranty, because the maintenance it Is also cheaper; the second Is not often open, a lot of people buy a Car after all because they can not lead to a variety of reasons, often at home, thIs case can not buy. As we often drive or some luxury Cars, it Is best to buy the insurance on thIs.

There are a lot of insurance Is not mentioned, in fact, those who can buy, you can not buy, like spontaneous combustion rIsk you said to yourself or buy it there confident, but I do not buy it without worry, so when conditions permit, to buy a natural protection, do not buy too little influence.

the final, Buying a Car Is a very happy thing, buying insurance Is also a manifestation of self-protection, in addition to the compulsory purchase of Auto insurance there are so many things choose to buy, then the more important Car damage but also according to their Cars and Car case to choose to buy, or just plain not very open to walking, you can choose not to buy, if the Car itself Is often a long journey or are very expensive, so it Is necessary to buy, after all, a luxury Car repairs are generally very expensive, so Auto insurance Is needed to buy not sell better.