How to buy car insurance? Do not be fooled, these types of auto insurance buy enough

When buying insurance, sales staff said we were bought after a pass confusedly all rIsks, but to use the time, can only look ignorant forced to look for an insurance company, or call the so-called acquaintance. Himself spent the money, but did not know how to use, in order to prevent the insurance company behind laughing, uncle everyone here to the popularity of Car insurance knowledge.

For we buy a new Car insurance, cost Is the best choice, we have to look at these Insurance What Is insurance? What need to buy?

traffic compulsory insurance

to pay high insurance Is a must buy, which Is as long as bought a Car friends should It Is very clear. Since 2008 all new Cars and those Cars are insured due to the purchase of such insurance, the provIsions of thIs agreement continues today. In fact, speaking of traffic compulsory insurance Is inexpensive, and there Is also a certain degree of security, Is still very good. Of course, some people may not want to buy such insurance, but if you do not buy a Car, then there Is no way on the Card, so that open out once found, then it may make things worse. So we do not rule and rivalry, still have to pay high insurance purchased.

Car damage

new Car novice I suggest you buy, you buy insurance Is the second year, Is a new Car, and it Is recommended that you buy a Car damage, thIs insurance Is to repair your own Car do not spend money.

third party insurance

The role of insurance Is that, at the time of the Car accident, used to repay to others. Here, the amount of compensation Will follow a different price when you buy the insurance to another. Everyone says thIs Is not good, but more of a guarantee of insurance, just in case, 500,000 with 200,000 of the price, the cost of claims Is definitely a difference, everyone according to their income situation of economic, trade-offs can buy .

non-deductible insurance

to provide full compensation for the guarantee after you get out of danger. It Is a kind of basic insurance independenceSpecies, including the Car damage, three, board staff, increased non-deductible insurance, the maximum deductible amount may reach 20%, reduce your unexpected expenses maximum. In other words, they can get 100% compensation

vehicle liability insurance

liable for the insured vehicle thIs vehicle traffic accident caused casualties. The amount of insurance Is also selected by the owner. From the current underwriting see, every seat of the insured amount to 10,000 to 50,000 yuan in the majority, the number of insured drivers and passengers generally do not exceed the approved number of seats covered vehicle.