How to buy car insurance cost-effective to buy what few good car insurance

When we purchase a new Car, always you Will inevitably encounter a lot of choice of insurance, then how to buy Car insurance cost-effective? In order to save many owners, often only buy a pay compulsory insurance, the occurrence of future use limited amount of compensation found, in fact, Auto insurance choice should be to consider in many ways, I come to you to explain in detail below how to buy Car insurance cost-effective.

Car insurance which to buy a few good

1, according to the provIsions of traffic law, to pay high insurance Is when the new license must buy Car insurance, the first year cost of 950 yuan, if the accident did not happen , slightly decreasing year by year. The insurance compensation Is very low, under the premIse of the insured motor vehicle responsible, death and dIsability maximum compensation limit Is $ 110,000 compensation for medical expenses Is $ 10,000, property compensation only 2,000 yuan.

Car insurance how to buy cost-effective

Many Car owners in order to save insurance costs, only buy a pay compulsory insurance, but once the accident, the loss of light Car damage occurs are large, only 2,000 yuan compensation for the property, I am afraid that Is not enough. So only buy to pay high insurance practice, we do not advocate.

2, loss of vehicle insurance: loss of vehicle insurance refers to a natural dIsaster within the scope of the insured vehicle Is subjected to the insurance liability (not including seIsmic) or accident, causing the insured vehicle itself loss, the insurer Is given in accordance with the provIsions of the insurance contract compensation. Loss of vehicle insurance costs and the value of the vehicle Is linked, depending on the vehicle purchase price, the cost Will be greater difference. Some longer service life models, some of thIs cost Will be slightly lower.

3, third party liability insurance (with a reasonable purchase) refers to the insured person or allow the driver in an accident during the use of the insured vehicle, resulting in a third party suffers personal injury or property damage directly economic responsibility, which shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable.

personal Auto insurance how to buy cost-effective

because of low pay high insurance property damage to third parties and partial compensation of medical expenses, may consider buying third party liability insurance as a supplement to pay high insurance. (Traffic Insurance in the lower part of the property damage and medical expenses compensation to a third party, consider buying third party liability insurance to pay high insurance as a supplement).

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective

1, financial security portfolio: Traffic Insurance, caustic danger, Features: ThIs technique Is very good for driving owners, to ensure that he Is not an accident of older drivers.

2, universal type insurance benefit composition: strong insurance, Car damage, non-deductible, the third party insurance business. How to buy Car insurance cost-effective, combined with the above, most cost-effective, high rIsk Car owners are most concerned about thIs insurance are included in the guarantee, the key Is not high premiums.

3, all-around luxury, insurance portfolio: Traffic Insurance, caustic danger Is not deductible, third party commercial insurance, vehicle liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, involving marine insurance, features: suitable for novice drivers, just start the Car and need to fully protect owners purchase.

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective? You can refer to the above, to choose according to their own situation, their only proper Car insurance Is the most cost-effective Car insurance.