How to buy car insurance cost-effective? Here are a few suggestions!

In recent years, new Car, new driver on the road more and more.

Therefore, to buy their own Car insurance, really should seriously go a little thought.

how to buy? Way more caution

In general, there are four methods of buying Auto insurance:

when buying a Car bought in the 4S shop to buy, or later. himself can go to the operating room to buy individual insurance companies. can be purchased through the official website of each insurance company. can be purchased over the phone.

In general, the owner can according to their own Will, at its option, buying patterns.

say “lay subtle, experts watch”, in my opinion, to buy insurance or have to be Careful, cautious choice.

Here, lIsted a few notes, for readers reference.

First, if purchased in the 4S shop, it Will be slightly more expensive than some other way.

because if you buy in there, 4S shop of course, they have to charge an additional fee.

Some unscrupulous salespeople Will be a variety of ways, straining to persuade the owner to buy more, but not so high price of insurance.

and the three remaining purchase, Will be slightly cheaper.

owners at the time of purchase, it Is recommended to understand the various insurance costs insurance companies, with a booklet written down, and then do the comparIson, to avoid too far.

Second, if the phone Is purchased, it Is not easy way, withChoose an insurance company even if the.

but to call the insurance company’s regular phone, and ask a few, so as to find their own insurance portfolio fit.

Here I want to remind, especially not covet a small street advertIsed low prices and the like, so it Is easy to bring a lot of hidden dangers.

Third, no matter what to buy insurance, claims to be very focused on speed.

fast pace of modern life, time Is very precious.

If you own insurance company claims Is very slow, it Is often nothing more than to regret things.

at least, Will be very easy to give the owners a lot of trouble as a novice.

Fourth, even if the new Car for the cast full insurance, are not claims in full when it Is very natural claims.

because when the insured, the insurance company’s contract Will always be a number of hidden pitfalls, there Will be not within the scope of compensation in some of the costs of insurance companies 7788.

For example, in compensation for the medical expenses, the contract Will specify which drugs are not claims, but some say that insurance does not always understand you, and then you sign the contract on .

we must be extra Careful when the insured.

how to be more cost-effective? Analyze specific Issues

Needless to say, to buy a new Car insurance, on the one hand have to spend as little as possible, on the one hand they have the right to choose a good insurance portfolio.

However, new Car prices are often higher, and the proportion of running on these high-end new Cars in the streets Is increasing.

Taking into account thIs factor, the proposed new Car owners try to choose a large company to buy insurance.

because the new Car, the more high-end, once the accident, the repair costs Will be higher.

However, a large insurance company paid the proposed amount Is often higher than other companies some of their fixed plant maintenance level Will be higher.

Of course, the same models and insurance, the premiums of course, big companies Will be higher.

If the owners of their own driving skills are very confident, and more older Car, good quality, but the Car was not worth a lot of money, then chose some small companies are more cost-effective.

Not only that, generally buy a new Car, Car manufacturers Will free gift a period of 1 year some insurance, such as a separate glass breakage, scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion vehicle insurance, Car insurance staff and so are affiliated Car.

everyone when buying a Car be sure to ask the owner to understand, understand the gift of a new Car insurance coverage, to avoid duplication of insurance.

In addition, if the owner of the Car often ran out, in particular, often run high-speed, long dIstances, it was suggested that I should choose very safe as other large-scale large insurance company in the country has branch to the insured, it Is also convenient when such claims.

Overall, I propose new Car owners in the purchase of insurance to its own reality, the above factors into account, think Carefully before “shot.”