How to buy car insurance cost-effective but also the most cheapest

as sickness insurance Automobile insurance and commercial insurance, Is a kind of insurance, but many people do not know, do not understand how to purchase the most cost-effective. And insurance Is a kind of guarantee in advance the rIsks, I believe that 100 percent of people do not want to use it, but use a lot of really solve impossible problems.

especially the ordinary people, not to think how good their driving skills, but also do not think it Will weigh all the pros and cons. But many times we Will be more believe in luck, but when used once insured, the insurance Will be revealed at thIs time of. So what kind of vehicle insurance Is more cost-effective it?

1, the most common purchase “packages”

to pay high insurance + third party liability insurance + Car damage. Traffic Insurance must be purchased, because the law Is the only one of the insurance from the text. And third party liability insurance and Car damage, but also have to buy a Car, especially before buying a Car a few years, many people can.

2, cheapest “package”

+ strong insurance third party liability insurance. In real life does have a lot of people Is not enough to buy a Car damage (as caustic danger Is still more expensive), and bought a third party, the insurance portfolio package What does it mean? Simply put, that Is, out of the things other people can not pay their compensation. ThIs program Is mainly for the low price of the vehicle, because there Is no compensation for their insured, so inexpensive vehicle maintenance out of things can afford that.

3, the best solution

pay strong rIsk third party liability insurance + + + Car damage passenger seat driver whole Car + insurance scratches insurance (or glass breakage alone) . Of course, thIs Is a foolproof insurance, because it contains should have the insurance, so insurance Is relatively complete, but Rengeyouzhi, or that everyone’s needs are different. The main thing Is according to individual circumstances, because there Is no guarantee thatRIsk in a practical sense Is full insurance.

4. The most comprehensive embodiment

strong insurance + third party liability insurance Car damage insurance + + + + pilfer the whole Car the whole Car scratch glass insurance + insurance + driver + passenger seat spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance + Car damage could not find a third-party special insurance.

Of course, thIs Is to be able to buy the insurance insurance basically purchased, although it looks more balanced, but in fact not suitable for all vehicles, thIs class insurance policy for more than 500,000 vehicles. After all, hundreds of thousands or even millions of vehicles, the cost to repair more expensive.

and spontaneous combustion rIsk and pilfer, are required to operate a large fee, although no one Is Willing to pay, but how much more money to spend truth. Especially luxury Cars, but can not stand the test of any rIsk.