How to buy car insurance cost-effective? 4 strokes teach you to choose the right insurance!

Although more and more people now have money to buy more and more high-grade Cars. But after all, there are a lot of people off Is the economy off life, thIs part of the population to purchase vehicles generally work because life Is really in need, also economical and practical value, so the choice of Auto insurance also would like to spend the least money , do most things, receive maximum effect. So how to choose the most cost-effective Auto insurance do? Masters came to talk about today.

first look at the major Auto insurance Carriers have been:

to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance Is mandatory insurance state regulations, all vehicles must be purchased . But many owners there are some errors in the pay compulsory insurance, they think that as long as the purchase of insurance to pay strong, once the accident occurs, it can all be handed over to the insurance company to be responsible. In fact, Is not the case, to pay high insurance mainly for the insured vehicle injured in a traffic accident caused property damage, injuries, be compensated in the mandatory liability insurance liability limit, but does not include the vehicle and the insured person. When the accident

Car damage

After the insured Car damage, collIsion and other damage caused by the insured vehicle itself, the insurance company paid according to the contract. Currently maintenance costs one or two parts of about 100,000 vehicles a year Is equivalent to the insurance premiums, and higher cost, and more than 90% of the owners Will buy.

three insurance

The so-called third party liability insurance Is insured vehicle due to an accident resulting in the above-mentioned persons, damage to property was, according to the law should be in charge of the insured to compensation by the insurance company. At present, the amount of compensation third party liability insurance of the insurance company’s main provIsions Is 5 million, 10 million, 150,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan and 100 million and 100 million yuan(CNY)(CNY). Hit or hit against Regal luxury Cars, leading to ruin, three recommended starting insure 500,000.

Is not deductible

owners generally have a 20% interest in the purchase of Auto insurance deductible. Without deductible Is the meaning of the present owner of the assumed 20% transfer to the insurance company. Purchase Is not deductible can reduce the loss of the owner.

scratches insurance

Mobile insuredCar damage insurance can insure scratches insurance. Scratches insurance full name of the body scratches loss insurance, family vehicles for personal use, non-commercial vehicles can be insured, refers to the period of insurance, insured vehicle collIsion occurred no significant traces of paint alone scratch the surface of the body, the insurance company liable for actual loss.

wading rIsk

mainly refers to the owner of the additional rIsk of the engine later. It Is mainly support vehicles after road wading in the water or flooding can cause engine damage compensation. But after wading rIsk of flooding if the owner Is also forced to start the engine and cause damage, then the insurance company Will not be compensated.

spontaneous combustion rIsk

In the insurance period, the insurance of the vehicle during use, since the vehicle circuits, lines, oil, fuel supply system, the Cargo itself problem , operating a motor vehicle friction fire caused the fire, resulting in losses of insured vehicles, as well as the insured when the insured rIsk occurs, in order to reduce the cost of reasonable rescue vehicle insurance losses must be incurred by the insurance company would be appropriate compensation.


After the whole Car pilfer insurance, the whole Car Is theft, robbery, robbery, causing loss or damage to the reasonable cost of repair needs, conducted by the insurance company payment.

how to choose the insurance?

novice + new Car

Traffic Insurance + three insurance Car damage + + + daoqiangxian board officers liability insurance + non-deductible

The reason: There Is no sense of a comprehensive protection type.

old Car novice +

Traffic Insurance + three insurance Car damage + + + vehicle liability insurance are not deductible

Reason: novices often less open Cars to practice the craft, the proposal Is still enough time to try to protect the insured. Because thieves rarely vIsited older vehicles, so pilfer-free.

veteran Car +

pay strong rIsk Car damage + + + pilfer three insurance

Reason: a new fashion Cars attract the eye of passers At the same time, it also attracts the attention of thieves, so you can pilfer insurance, scratches insurance can also be appropriate to vote a number of, mainly to see the Car grade.

+ veteran Cars

Traffic Insurance + three + Car damage insurance

The reason: skillful driving skills coupled with long years of service the old one Car, so you only need to select the most important types of insurance can be insured. Traffic Insurance Is compulsory insurance insurance, can not be omitted. At the same time, even the old Car, but also after the big collIsion repair, so the insured Car damage can reduce a lot of trouble.

Master Summary: In addition to the basic insurance, for a variety, dazzling additional rIsk, you can do what, after all, are commercial insurance, Is to really gold to buy silver. Scratches insurance proposal to buy a new Car, spontaneous combustion rIsk more than 5 years old Car Is recommended to buy, wading insurance rainfall and more areas can buy, pilfer for a new Car and so on, with their own situation, rational analysIs purchase.