How to buy car insurance cheaper?

As more and more Cars on the road, accidents are more and more, so we gave hIs Car to buy insurance, then how to buy insurance more provinces money?

1. ways just do not buy unnecessary insurance (for example, in how the water flooded the reach of the engine there Is no need to buy wading insurance)

2. Compare do, after all, a lot of selling insurance to bargain. (No channel directly open man near the micro letter to find a shout they offer to buy insurance, then ask them a minimum what price, ask a few people)

3. Underreporting of Insurance (now some companies for three consecutive years Is not dangerous condition of commercial insurance as low as 2.5 fold)

4. the insurance agency or insurance intermediary company to own a Car insurance Insurance (general agents out commIssion Will deduct part directly to you, how to find an insurance intermediary company, as you found hIs circle of friends made of more than one insurance company’s products, then he Is agent) Once you master the above points you want your Car Insurance are you not much better.