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buy a Car thIs Is a big problem, Is an extremely complex matter, you need to consider the budget to consider the cost and so on, but you thought that after buying the Car over? Car, keep a Car Is a big problem in thIs one, the first Is the Car insurance Issues, while the water here Is really quite deep, accidentally when you Will be on the insurance sales staff, that just below master What we talk about what the insurance Is not required to buy the insurance you need to buy, so you spend less money wasted.

1, to pay high insurance

Car insurance points many types see people dizziness, which must buy, do not buy Is called to pay high insurance Is not the road. To pay high insurance full name [traffic accident liability compulsory insurance] Is the first US state law imposed by the compulsory insurance system. Personal Traffic Insurance Is caused by road traffic accidents occur on the insurance company insured motor vehicle by the victim [not including the vehicle and the insured person] casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. In simple terms it Is that after buying the insurance, after a traffic accident, the insurance company Will give you assume part, Will not you can not pay people, but Is only able to take a small part, if a serious accident occurs or hit a luxury Car, and that thIs amount of money the insurance company on a drop in the bucket, which requires a lower business rIsk.

2, loss of vehicle insurance

loss of vehicle insurance Is the loss we incurred hIs Car, the insurance company Will give you bear the loss, jargon Is when the insured vehicle Is subjected to the scope of liability insurance of natural dIsasters or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer shall pay compensation in accordance with the insurance contract. Car damage insurance Is very necessary to buy, at whatever loss occurred as long as your Car does not exceed the value of the vehicle itself, the insurance company Will have to compensate you.

3, third party liability insurance

ThIs Is even more easy to understand, and compensation for their caustic danger Is that a third party Is a natural compensation for the others , after the accident, that you Will bear the compensation in addition to pay compulsory insurance, but that you have to decide based on the amount you buy insurance compensation amount, not how much you want to pay how much you can lose, general the family Car to buy 500,000 three insurance already sufficient.

4, board officers insurance

before the three are related to the Car, and that government must compensate people ah, thIs Is the guarantor of the board officers insurance, such insurance Is divided into two kinds, one Is the other Is the security of passengers and the driver of the security Car driver, such as master on the proposal to buy insurance are just fine, after all, life’s most precious thing.

As there Is something dazzling insurance, buying necessary according to their own needs, and to say, that place where you often rains, you put your fear of water the Car flooded, then you can buy wading insurance. Another example Is in your area you often Diuju cases occurred, it Is necessary that you buy pilfer, which are based on your own needs come, must be rational when choosing insurance, the insurance company not to be cheated.

There Is also a rIsk that the insurance company with you playing a narrow-minded, that Is non-deductible insurance, he Is to say, ah, you do not buy that you can only compensate 80%, buy thIs could have paid you, thIs Is necessary to buy.

on the four types of insurance to buy, you have to meet the basic needs of the general, but the most important thing Is not the most important thing Is to drive must comply with traffic laws, pay attention to personal safety thIs Is more important than what to buy insurance.

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