How to buy car insurance? 90% of owners are over-pit

person’s life along with many unexpected things, for their own safety and their families usually buy an insurance policy on the Car as well. After buying the Car, sales promotion staff Will give you all kinds of insurance, give you all the protection and security should not be insured, a year down the addition of wasting a lot of money. Just back from buying the Car in the whirlpool, followed by insurance salesman to promote the whirlpool choose to buy insurance entangled in what kinds of insurance, but some Car owners in order to save waved hIs hand he gave all insurance gave Paul down, in order to so that it Is no longer “pit” to teach you today about what kinds of insurance you can buy, what kinds do not need to buy.

must buy insurance

Strong cross Insurance

insurance and Auto insurance business Is divided into two kinds of insurance to pay strong, strong cross-country insurance Is mandatory for every Car owners must buy, but for the strong cross-insurance Is concerned, most of the money still have to pay for their own pockets, so single strong buy insurance Is certainly not enough to pay, in order to fill gaps strong insurance to pay compensation, we Will need to purchase commercial insurance.

as long as the insurance business Is private / state-owned insurance company owned by a business. Including motor vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance and pilfer four basic insurance. Of course, there are a few others such as wading no insurance, scratches insurance, glass insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so on, seemingly variety of commercial insurance actually really need them.

Third Party Liability

belong insurance Car insurance Is not only the grantor, when you put someone else’s Car, items or people bruIses, scratches, etc., you need to use third party liability insurance, as long as the compensation range of third party liability insurance, the insurance company It Will be unconditional compensation. Third party liability insurance the amount of compensation Is based on the amount of time when the insurance protection to compensation, if it can only ensure less pay less, between the many luxury Cars currently on the road, we recommend a number of third party liability insurance and more security (1.5 million optimum)

motor vehicle damage insurance

motor vehicle insurance loss should be the most worthy of an insurance purchase, as long as Is in addition to natural dIsasters, traffic accidents cause vehicle damage in general such as rubs, rear-end crashes and other Car damage insurance Will get paid insurance companies. According to the responsibility of the insurance company Will compensate all certificate Issued by the traffic police to deal with the amount of 85% -95%

non-deductible insurance

non-deductible insurance Is actually a buff Business Insurance. If in an accident, or you are primarily responsible for secondary liability, thIs time the insurance company Will have a 15% -20% of a deductible degree, Will not compensable, if you buy non-deductible insurance insurance company the full amount Will be regarded insurance the insured.

wading rIsk

of the fifth fraction Is a rIsk wading Insurance areas, low-lying terrain facing the region. If your city, region perennial rain, likely to cause stagnant water, such as floods, when water intrusion into the engine leads to failure of insurance companies Will pay compensation. Of course, part of the Car owners like when off-road vehicle use, water-related Issues after surfing in the area caused the insurance company Is not compensable.

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