How to buy car insurance?

buy a Car consumers Will soon be required to buy an insurance policy for the Car, the owner may have to consider a new Car purchase vehicle insurance, in addition to pay compulsory insurance must purchase additional vehicle insurance how to buy it?

plus a wide range of different Car insurance policy calculations, let the owners in a quandary.

Today, we took three questions to talk about Car insurance.

How to calculate Auto insurance premiums?

strong insurance family from Car five standard premium Is 950, the year Is not dangerous condition dIscount of 10% up to 30% dIscount i.e., 665 yuan non-operating vehicles 5 standard premium of 1,000 yuan, the same dIscount factor own family.

insurance business calculated as follows: = loss of vehicle insurance premiums + present insurance premium basic insurance amount × rates; first three fixed liability insurance premium = premium grade fixed compensation limit corresponding; the whole Car pilfer premium rate × = actual value of the vehicle; vehicle liability insurance premiums thIs insurance compensation limit = × rate, excluding special insurance deductible premium = ( loss of vehicle insurance premiums + third party liability insurance premiums) × rates, and the like.

Car insurance divided into several?

In addition to the compulsory traffic insurance Is also divided into 12 kinds of commercial insurance types, here we have chosen 10 kinds of commonly used insurance lIsted.

How to buy a new Car insured more cost-effective?

1, to pay high insurance: as the legal provIsions have to be purchased Insurance into one, no doubt thIs Is a must buy insuranceof.

2, Car damage: like a daily rub and other Issues, maintenance costs can all be looking for after the insurance company to pay claims, the occurrence of the accident, if the perpetrator can not be found, the insurance company Will be paid 70% of the cost.

3 Third liability insurance: ThIs type of insurance Is not for the driving skills of skilled people Is the most direct guarantee, the price Is not considered expensive, after the accident for a third party to suffer casualties or property losses Will regard compensation by the insurance company.

4, Is not deductible: ThIs Is the most worth buying the insurance, the insurance companies usually have 5% -20% deductibles, but the purchase of such insurance, then you can transfer all liability and damages to the insurance company, the owners without loss.

If you are buying a luxury Car, then I suggest you can purchase an additional body scratches insurance and glass breakage alone, after all, a luxury Car glass and paint Is not cheap, but the premium Is not high , you can better reduce losses.