How to buy auto insurance save money? Insurance salesman: buy enough of these three possible

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in everyday use of the Car, in addition to post-maintenance costs, fuel costs, most people choose the Car insurance Is difficult. Car insurance because it Is based on their own choice to set, I feel a lot of insurance in the face of the situation Is still very useful, but generally less than not to waste it? So how to buy Auto insurance save money? Insurance salesman tell the truth, represent the following three possible buy enough to use.

The first: Traffic Insurance

to pay high insurance Is mandatory for national traffic law must be purchased insurance, which Is to ensure that every vehicle traveling on the road at least get proper protection, it Will pull into the ranks of compulsory purchase. The insurance changes a little depending on the model, but the dIscrepancy Is not great.

The second: third party liability insurance

ThIs insurance Is in traffic after the accident, bought when needed for other compensation insurance. Insured the insurance aspect Is still very large, and purchased the insurance, mainly worried about casualties in the above, when the owner to pay high compensation, the insurer may play a larger role.

The third: non-deductible

in the domestic Automobile insurance, in fact, in the insurance claims process, the need to make certain requirements of the degree of loss of insurance, such as the loss of an item, when the amount reaches a certain percentage, the insurance company Will compensate cause, if you purchase non-deductible insurance Is not used to compensate for thIs loss. If you do not buy thIs insurance, the losses did not reach the required proportion of the insurance company, then the cost Is borne by the owner of hIs own pocket, so thIs insurance Is also necessary.

thIs thing Is insured according to the actual needs of the individual, can not say good or bad, according to the actual situationTo buy.