How to buy auto insurance? Do not let the insurance company fooled, these four most practical car insurance

now because of people’s living standards continue to improve, more and more people are buying Cars, it Is necessary for the vehicle households in the purchase of Cars and other formalities. Which Is the most headaches for owners to vehicle insurance, many owners after purchasing the vehicle Is in Care of the Car, think of the whole Will be able to buy Auto insurance to protect their Car, if the insurance company staff to sell you more He Is able to say to you out of flowers. In fact, when buying Auto insurance Auto insurance the most useful of these four, do not let the insurance company fooled.

The first strong insurance

to pay high insurance in our country Is a mandatory, as long as the purchase Is necessary to pay high insurance Car, or on the road by traffic police caught the punIshment Will face fines. So do not pay high insurance on the vehicle off the road, then the vehicle into a pile of scrap metal on the unable to move.

The second Car damage

Car damage becomes extremely important in Auto insurance category, driving down the road now because of road conditions extremely complex, due to the increase in the number of vehicles drivers of vehicles driving on the road uneven technology can not avoid the bump. If an accident occurs caustic danger can come in handy, but in case of natural dIsasters, the insurance company Will compensate the damaged Car. So caustic danger that each owner must buy.

A third non-deductible insurance

in fact, non-deductible insurance Is additional insurance of commercial insurance, the insurance compensation Will be based on the size of the liability. If the owners do not buy non-deductible insurance more harm than good for so long, so I say no deductible insurance Is also very important for Car owners of.

A fourth insurance rates

Third with liability insurance to pay high insurance are complementary, when an accident occurs high insurance amount of compensation Will be relatively small, while the third liability insurance at thIs time Will be to fill the vacancy. As in the case of an accident and non-motor vehicles, the owner bought the third liability insurance that the insurance company Will indemnify the other party in the accident medical expenses, so the importance of the third liability insurance Is self-evident.

above four each owner must buy Auto insurance Is the most practical so many owners do not blindly follow the trend, but can not fully lIsten to the insurance company’s marketing staff, as long as their own Is the best.