How to buy auto insurance buy the best deal? Ordinary car, buy thIs five insurance Is enough!

Many people when buying Car insurance after like to buy all rIsks, in fact, thIs Is not much needed. Many 4S stores have recommended us to buy all kinds of insurance, although seemingly guarantee Is adequate, but in some cases it Is very difficult to meet. So when we buy insurance, there Is no need to buy all rIsks, as long as the purchase of the following categories Is enough to cope with a wide variety of situations.

1: Traffic compulsory insurance

to pay high insurance Is a must buy, as long as it Is a friend bought a Car should all be very clear. Since 2008 all new Cars and those Cars are insured due to the purchase of such insurance, the provIsions of thIs agreement continues today. In fact, speaking of traffic compulsory insurance Is inexpensive, and there Is also a certain degree of security, Is still very good.

Of course, some people may not want to buy such insurance, but if you do not buy the Car Will not Measures on the Card, so that open out once found, then it may make things worse. So we do not rule and rivalry, still have to pay high insurance purchased.

2: third party liability insurance

ThIs kinds of insurance services for others, of course, Is to provide some protection for ourselves. Once an accident Is our responsibility, then there Will be a useful third party liability insurance, such insurance generally or suggest that you buy a little higher sum insured, the current price for the first lot of Cars are more expensive and luxury Cars Much. And luxury Cars accidentally collided then need to compensate the cost Will be a very sCary figure, it Is recommended that under normal circumstances you buy 500,000 or even 1 million thIs two tranches.

3: caustic danger

Car damage Insurance Is one we have to buy, though not compulsory purchase,But we have thIs kind of insurance for Car owners Is very important. When we were driving in the accident occurs when the insurance, vehicle damage can get paid insurance companies. In particular, some serious accidents may damage our Cars Will be very serious, if thIs time we need their own money, then certainly Is not a small number.

So if you want to drive on the road, then best to buy caustic danger, of course, Car damage the price Is still relatively high, which can be considered a bulk Auto insurance inside.

4: board officers liability insurance

ThIs kinds of insurance as the main business of insurance which insurance Is very necessary purchase of such insurance Is mainly compensation for Car accident casualties. When the purchase of such insurance Is to specify the number of insured seats, we recommend you to friends and family around him must purchase such insurance.

5: non-deductible insurance

Even if the front four kinds of insurance to buy a high enough sum insured, but according to the rules, the owner still bear part of which can be understood as an accident required payment, the owner must bear secondary responsibility. Without deductible insurance Is the responsibility of the payment amount can be considered minor in them, so you want to get paid 100%, no deductible Is a must buy.

above four can be said after the insurance Car insurance Best Buy, able to cope with the occurrence of various situations!