How to buy auto insurance as well as insurance Introduction

With the development of society, everyone lives better. A lot of people have their own Car. At present near the end of a Car to see the Car more and more people. If buying a Car, then we are faced with the problem of insurance, but there are many of my friends do not understand what the difference between the various types of insurance and Auto insurance in the end to buy. Now I Will find out more about Auto insurance and insurance classification difference.

a. Traffic Insurance

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle personal road traffic accidents caused by the victim (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. Note: Cars on the road have to be turned over to the compulsory insurance.

In fact, it simply Is used to pay high insurance protection through accident victims (not including the vehicle and the insured person) of personal injury, property damage. The maximum payouts property losses 2,000 yuan. Injuries Compensation maximum amount of 122,000 yuan.

Second, the Car damage

loss of vehicle insurance refers to a natural dIsaster within the scope of the insured vehicle Is subjected to the insurance liability (not including seIsmic) or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer compensation under the provIsions of the insurance contract. ThIs Is a third party on hIs own Is just the opposite, if you Care of my Car to buy. Insurance period, the insured person or allow the driver in the legitimate use of the insured vehicle during natural dIsasters within the scope of insurance collIsion, overturning, etc. (not including earthquake) or accidents, resulting in the insured motor vehicle loss, the insurer liable according to the terms of thIs insurance contract. That Is a problem with hIs Car repair costs money, and if you bought thIs insurance, repair costs Will be borne by the insurance company, in general, it Is necessary to buy or caustic danger.

Car damage Is primarily to protect the loss of a vehicle, the vehicle Is not insured person loss.

Third, the three insurance

[12Liability Insurance Is responsible for vehicle accidents caused by the use of others (ie third party) of the direct damage of personal injury or property: 3] third party liability insurance. Crash or butt are most afraid of when driving their own Car Is not affected by the loss, but also to spend large sums of money to compensate the loss of others. Because the Traffic Insurance (2008 Edition) in compensation for lower medical costs and property damage to third parties, in the purchase of pay compulsory insurance can still consider buying third party liability insurance as a supplement.

ThIs Is mainly to see their insured amount, usually three insurance 500,000 1,000,000 sufficient. Note that three insurance payment limit Is 500,000 or 1 million per accident payment amount.

In other words you three such insurance Is 500,000. In your first accident the insurance period to qualify the amount of 500,000, some time after the occurrence of the accident, there Is a need payment 500,000. Insurance companies Will be paid later 500,000 normal. Will not accumulate

Fourth, non-deductible insurance

Is not deductible insurance what does thIs mean? Simply put, covered thIs insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued responsible for their own sub-plus to the insurance company. Note that the non-deductible insurance things as an additional rIsk, need to be insured “primary rIsk” Is insured preconditions may not be arranged separately.

It Is well known Car insurance Will There Is a rIsk-sharing principle, that Is, after the accident, the owner and the insurance company should bear a certain percentage of the amount of loss. Personal commitment to thIs part of the amount Is to be restricted to motorIsts, so that more attention as much as possible, less dangerous situations arIse. Non-deductible insurance Is to appear in thIs case, that Is if you purchase non-deductible insurance, it Is possible that the personal commitment of five percent to twenty percent of compensation, insurance companies passed on to bear. In thIs sense, the problem Is not deductible insurance you need to buy the answer Is yes.

These are several major insurance and insurance-related effects described. Insurance accident just after we a guarantee of their own property and lives. But we must remember to drive the process. Road 10 million, safety first.