How to buy a new energy car insurance? What precautions?

When it comes to buying new energy vehicles, many people Will laugh, “the province are paid the insurance money,” which in the end What means? Is the new energy Automobile insurance and gasoline vehicles there Is a great difference?

In fact, thIs Is a great exaggeration, but the new energy Automobile insurance really Is more expensive than gasoline. We all know that often the subsidies before the price of new energy vehicles are very expensive, often liable to Tucao. But after state and local subsidies as well as manufacturers, prices fell basic reasonable price. But people buy a Car to get preferential policies, the insurance company may not be so considered.

because of new energy vehicles Insure consIstent with standard gasoline vehicles, according to guidance are insured. And thIs Is the guide price subsidies before the price. Beiqi EX360 Is equipped with the example, the guide price 192,900 yuan, the subsidy price Is only 88,900 yuan, a difference of about 2,000 yuan a year on premiums.

But thIs was not enough, when minor accidents, with the same payment standard fuel vehicles. The big accident Will be paid according to the amount on the invoice, the amount on the invoice Is the subsidized price. I do not find themselves at a dIsadvantage at both ends?

The on what type of insurance options, Car almost Jun suggest that you Will follow standard gasoline vehicles, in addition to pay high insurance, purchase must be the three, do not count deductible, Car damage, board staff has been sufficient to meet 90% of the cases.

In addition, the nature of the probability of new energy vehicles Is much less than petrol vehicles and therefore you do not have to buy. Wading in terms of new energy vehicles made since the battery pack IP67-rated dust and water, plus electrical components enclosed structure, its ability to wade much higher than gasoline, and therefore do not have to wade insurance Is purchased.

But thIs Is only temporary and the current status of the United StatesState Insurance Association, together with the Automotive industry has “new energy captive insurance” further put on the agenda, specific rules Will be the fastest announced the end of August. By then, new energy insurance market Will become more standardized, consumers no longer have insurance “white throwing money.”