How to buy a new car next year of insurance more appropriate?

Thank you for your question, I am a Car person, Car and we talk together, said Cars, learn more about buying a Car, Car skill experience. How

the second year of a new Car selling insurance more appropriate? I also have ten years in the Automotive sales industry, and on thIs Issue or have their own feelings and experiences to share with everyone. First, we need to understand what Auto insurance, Auto insurance by nature divided from the big side, then Car insurance Is divided into two categories: compulsory insurance and commercial insurance

1. the compulsory insurance, Is what we call the Traffic Insurance, which Is a national mandatory purchase of insurance, family passenger fee of 950 yuan / year + travel tax. and to pay high insurance Is the national statutory limitation of liability , death and dIsability compensation limit 110,000; medical expenses compensation limit 10000; property damage limit of 2000; we can see, these three cross-strong insurance liability limits are limited, as we all know, in general traffic accidents among these indemnity complete Is not enough to pay the compensation, Is not enough. so there Will be the emergence of commercial insurance to supplement the commercial insurance Is the principle of voluntary purchase, not mandatory, but highly recommended to buy insurance for your business, guaranteed very important.

2. commercial insurance Is to pay insurance other than compulsory insurance are considered commercial insurance, simply commercial insurance contains the basic insurance and additional insurance.

there are four basic insurance wherein:

A second commercial. By liability insurance.

third party property caused direct losses or casualties payment Is recommended that you insure the insured amount of at least 50 million or more, preferably one million, a difference of a few hundred Yuan.

B. loss of vehicle insurance.

in contrast with the third party insurance, thIs Is the loss of the own vehicle damage protection, thIs insurance Is highly recommended that you wIsh to purchase.

C. the whole Car pilfer.

As the name implies, the vehicle was stolen, and compensation insurance, general homeThere are community property, garage or parking lot, are relatively safe, mainly depends on individual circumstances, thIs can buy, not bad budget, on the other said.

D. board officers liability insurance.

thIs Is insurance in addition to the driver’s seat position, passenger other locations, usually a position sum insured 10,000, with four locations premiums also more than 100 bars, recommendations or buy it

the rest Is additional rIsk:!

1 glass breakage alone.

only broken glass was lost, if an accident Is caused by crushing, a Car damage which generally lose thIs proposal can buy.

2. scratches insurance.

body scratches no obvious traces of collIsion, usually scratches insurance payment as a two-year new Car, it Is recommended not to buy.

3. rIsk of spontaneous combustion.

wire, circuit, and other aging oil supply system, causing spontaneous combustion, payment, three or more Cars age recommended later.

4. The non-deductible insurance.

non-deductible insurance Is additional rIsk management most weight Insurance, the amount of deductible shall be borne by the insured (20%), the insurance company to pay compensation. ThIs must be purchased. Can greatly reduce your losses.

Summing up described above Is the main base of the insurance Car insurance, new Cars for two years, I suggest you purchase insurance portfolio Is: pay compulsory insurance, Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance (sum insured more than 50 million), the Car personnel insurance, non-deductible insurance. personal recommendations, only when the reference, I hope you can help your oh! detailed instructions related to Auto insurance, if necessary, can always follow me, always at your service