How to buy a car generally buy insurance? Automotive insiders look at Is how to say!

Generally when buying a Car, Car sales Will give you recommend insurance, and some even require dealers Let them buy insurance at that, so they earn a good sum of money. Unless a loan to buy a Car, you can still push it turned down.

to pay high insurance would not have said, thIs Is definitely to purchase, otherwIse you can not even have a license can not go up. And sure to sign after the completion of the insurance pay high insurance attached to the front windshield, or else the traffic police uncle saw, one point Is deducted, a fine of one hundred and fifty! Do not ask me how I know!

then that commercial insurance, and business insurance for the new Car, it Is recommended to buy all rIsks, which Is necessary in addition to the three types of insurance, such as non-deductible, the wading, spontaneous combustion, scratches and other insurance purchased together. ThIs required several types of insurance cost Is not very high, but for the novice Is really necessary, because you really do not know when it Will be a bump.

For these types of insurance, the the most important Is the three. Now usually the amount of the claim one million and a half million. The main problem Is recommended to use one million direct, so even if there Is some what, involves their possibilities are almost gone.

everyone for Car insurance as well as any suggestions? Welcome Message DIscussion! Thank you! ! !