How to buy a car buy insurance only cost-effective? These five no need to buy the insurance, unless you are rich

how to buy Car insurance only cost-effective? These five no need to buy the insurance, unless you are rich! Now the speed of social development Is also relatively fast, and the Car has become an indIspensable part of our lives, in fact, for many people, it can clearly feel now our living conditions are getting better and better, after all, we are also able to find the number of Cars on the road Is constantly increasing, building a Car Is not so easy, at least they need tens of thousands of dollars before they can buy into, but we all know, I bought a Car when the Car Is also necessary to purchase insurance for many people when they first time to buy a Car, in the selection of Car insurance, they also Will know what to do, most Will also directly lIsten Insurance claims personnel, but in fact the insurance staff also Will recommend to customers, there are no need to buy insurance, so they also earn more, so today we have come to share with you the knowledge of Car to buy insurance, how to buy Auto insurance more cost effective it? Like I do not need to buy such insurance, unless you are rich.

The first one Is pilfer, under normal circumstances, the insurance salesman to sell thIs time, also bought thIs insurance, your Car appeared stolen or robbed, the insurance company Will be paid in full, but in fact, here Is another hidden layer of meaning, that it can only be your whole Car was stolen vehicle when the insurance company Will for related damages, but we all know that today’s society wants to steal a Car Is almost impossible, at least Is some of the above components, but if through these parts, then the insurance company Is not give you a penny of compensation, so that the pilfer it useless.

The second Is spontaneous combustion rIsk, in fact, the probability of thIs case of spontaneous combustion occurred Car appear very low, even in the summer when the weather Is hot, when the Car does not have to travel so high natural probability. Although there have been a number of spontaneous combustion vehicle Is in an accident the previous time, but most of these vehicles are also the vehicle through unauthorized alterations, but the situation Is basically the insurance company Will not give you compensation, so that thIs spontaneous combustion rIsk basic on Is no need to buy.

The first three are scratches insurance, in fact, for scratches insurance cost Is also relatively poor, Why do you say that? But also because scratches insurance insurance company, it’s the minimum amount Is 2,000 yuan, are required to pay a $ 400 premium, while under normal circumstances normal small scratches Will only need 200 dollars you can get, so that thIs plan insurance marks it appears relatively tasteless, basically there Is no need to buy.

The first four glass breakage alone, count the insurance company Will normally be paid, because the cost of accident damage caused by the loss of thIs glass, but here we are talking about the glass insurance Is only to say that only the windshield and window glass were destroyed Will give compensation, in fact, for Car headlights and mirror glass Will not give you a penny in compensation, so glass said that the insurance payment alone Is no effect.

The first five are wading insurance, wading rIsk for thIs actually Is mainly for motor vehicle, if the vehicle Is in normal driving process after the damage caused by flooded engine appears, your insurance company Will also Carry out related damages, but such compensation only in the case of the owner was not forced to start the engine when the vehicle wading, that if say your vehicle after wading, once the Nice started the Car’s engine, forcing the Car ignition leads and has led to engine damage, the insurance company also Will not give you a penny of compensation. So when we buy insurance, and it Is necessary to note, these five insurance Is no need to buy, unless you are rich.