How to buy a bargain car insurance, car insurance auto insurance buy what Is good?

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective, what good insurance Auto insurance buy a new Car? Driving friends all know that since the reform of the premium, an accident insurance claims to find the time has gone, if your Car easily get out of danger, then the premiums for the coming year Will rIse a lot, so in many older drivers view, when buying Auto insurance, many insurance actually no need to buy, then the most cost-effective vehicle insurance how to buy it?

Now more and more people buy a Car, on the road more and more congestion, traffic accidents have occurred, and small rub a small cut Is even more difficult avoid, but if you choose any Car damage insurance claims, may cause your Car insurance premium next year to spend a lot of money Oh! Why Is thIs?

as long as you report the insurance, and there Is no violation, the insurance company Will give you compensation, but eventually passed, the insurance company in order to ensure profitable growth in the second year must to Zhaobu back in your premium above. So, thIs year, the more times you get out of danger, the premium Will be higher next year.

The most common vehicle insurance coverage are: loss of vehicle insurance (referred to as Car damage), the commercial third party liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, the driver’s seat liability insurance, passenger seat liability insurance , excluding special insurance deductible, glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, body scratches damage insurance, insurance and other supplemental engine wading rIsk.

at the time of purchase vehicle insurance, you may be considered based on their driving skills, Car prices and the cost of accident damaged vehicles.

must buy insurance: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance business, which Is the highest degree of protection of two kinds of insurance, Car damage insurance premium amount Is based on the price of the vehicle and depreciation to computing; now a luxury Car on the road more and more, the amount of compensation for personal injuries have become more sophIsticated, so the third party liability insurance Is generally purchased more than 1 million payout amount.

proposed purchase insurance: liability insurance driver’s seat, passenger seat liability insurance, which Is a guarantee of an accident the owner himself and passengers, although the amount paid Is not high, but better than nothing .

Novice recommend buying insurance: excluding special insurance deductible. The first Car hit the pillar always worried about, what the corner, the loss Is more serious, then the insurance company may only be paid 80% to 95%, if you purchase thIs insurance, Will be 100 percent paid.

does not recommend purchase insurance: whole Car pilfer, glass breakage alone, wading insurance, insurance natural loss, body scratches loss insurance. Today, the road Is full of Cars, tens of thousands to millions of all, social security Is getting better, the probability of robbery Is simply not too low; as long as you take good parking, smashed the glass should also unlikely . If your area Is along the coast, every year the typhoon struck, or parking lot Is often flooded, then buy wading insurance Is necessary. Auto ignition normally be seen on the Car, and if you are not allowed to change the Car line, generally spontaneous combustion Will not occur. If your Car Is scratched, the maintenance cost of a plane at around 200-400, if you use insurance claims, the second year of premiums than 700 per cent more likely to see if you feel worthwhile plan. Of course, if your Car Is imported, finIsh high maintenance costs, then the body scratches loss insurance thIs Is a must buy.

In fact, buy vehicle insurance Is mainly a precaution, the accident caused no casualties, the situation and cause one million luxury Car Car damage serious under allow you to avoid the “bankrupt”, as to how to buy Car insurance cost-effective, what good buy insurance Auto insurance, according to their driving skills, driving habits and vehicle prices combined selection.