How the new energy automobile insurance? how to buy?

Huarui source used Car information, consult a customer said he bought a new energy vehicles, payment, to mention Cars, what the Cards are buttoned up, he sent the insurance, but the insurance before are buying fuel vehicles I do not know the new energy Automobile insurance Is not the same? With Huarui source used Car network Xiaobian understand the next bar.

First look at new energy vehicles and fuel Car insurance Is not the same?

of course not the same, different both on their own, the insurance naturally there are differences. But the pure electric Car insurance and traditional insurance model Car fuel Is about the same insurance dIscounts are basically the same, the system Automatically generates the renewal dIscount. It should be noted that insurance companies are not the same in all regions of the dIscount standard, everyone can be determined according to local standards.

can not be alone on the battery to the insurance?

a pure battery electric vehicles as one of the important parts At present, many people Will want to be able to separate the battery last insured, which Is something to be dIsappointed. Because the basic Car insurance new energy vehicles are following the traditional insurance model, had no insurance protection battery alone. Battery warranty period Is generally pure electric Car Is very long, and some also provide depot battery lifetime warranty program, and therefore on battery manufacturers find more appropriate.

Is in accordance with the new Car before subsidies or subsidies on the price of insurance?

new energy vehicles Is subsidized, and the price difference before and after the subsidy Is still quite large, learned before new energy vehicles and pilfer caustic danger Is in accordance with the vehicle in front of subsidies prices, consult down, now, because of the different subsidies around, so the insurance company directly by the unified guidance, that Is, before the subsidized price insurance.

payment Is required before the face of the subsidy or subsidies in accordance with the settlement price of it?

ThIs Is more difficult to define, the general customer service Will reply, “We paid it Is in accordance with the market price of the Car, how much money you are insured by how much money it lost, the pro.” but we finally learned that if a small rub paid no difference with fuel vehicles, if the vehicle hitBig accident, be paid according to the amount on the purchase invoice to settlement depending on the set of processes and count the depreciation rate and other models.

How to buy new energy vehicles insured it?

If you are a Car full amount, then the dealer Will generally allow you the freedom to insure; but if you are Car loans, then the dealer Is forced to take basic safety procedures in the store, or multi-charge part of the cost, but the dealer general insurance claims and repair are more convenient. Which one Is better, but also a detailed analysIs of the actual situation, please.

In addition to pay high insurance Is compulsory must buy, buy Car damage and then recommend three insurance, the rest of the additional rIsk, the more common Is the vehicle occupants liability insurance, and pilfer the spontaneous combustion rIsk. These can be purchased according to their needs. Spontaneous combustion vehicles and stolen all belong to a small probability event. Power system pure electric vehicle research and development stage through a variety of rigorous testing, so the problem of spontaneous combustion, the probability of spontaneous combustion of pure electric Cars may be smaller than gasoline vehicles. In addition, pure electric vehicles do not need to buy wading insurance.

Summary: different regions, different insurance companies and even different models, different 4s shop Will have different insurance options and prices, it Is recommended to buy friends when the Car or to consult their first, full understanding of what, after all, shop around and always right! More Car knowledge, Automotive industry information, used Car appraIser training, attention Huarui source used Car network understanding.