How should choose car insurance? Old driver Is recommended, as long as there are three following can be

In recent years, the level of economic development of our country’s rapid increase, the level of industrial progress but also greatly promoted the development of the Automotive industry, repairer process Is getting higher and higher, there are a lot of people are going to buy a Car, thIs also contributed to the increase in Car ownership, at the same time, we should pay attention to a problem, for safety reasons or may receive compensation when an accident occurs, we also want to buy Car insurance.

So how to choose? The current insurance company Will provide us with a large variety of Car insurance, but from a practical sense, many types of insurance do not have the opportunity to use, and can be quite tasteless, in order to save money and practical, the old driver Is recommended, as long as the following three kind of Car insurance you can, other kinds of personal insurance needs it.

Of course, the first type Is strong insurance. I am sure you have had the experience of the owners, thIs Is a must buy Car insurance kind, when we buy a new Car, you should choose thIs direct Car insurance, which Is mandatory and must buy. So do not introduce too much, skip it.

second kind Is a third party liability insurance. In a sense, thIs kind of Auto insurance advantageous useful than the cross-strong, because the amount of the premium Is very high, and Is divided into different grades, and even up to a million premium amount, if accidentally hit Lao Silai Sri Lanka such a luxury Car, and bear the main responsibility, then he can compensation.

A third Is the non-deductible insurance. Looking back, thIs should be additional insurance third party liability insurance, because there are some special circumstances, if the situation Is particularly serious, the premium amount Is not enough, the amount of compensation beyond the limits of the premium amount, you can choose to use non-deductible insurance, can help us compensation. For us ordinary people, these three Auto insurance sufficient.