How should buy auto insurance? In thIs way you save money and worry!

Now, we have before income levels relative to the lift, plus the rIse of independent brands, to a large extent also reduced the price of the Car, so the Car for today’s people, Is relatively easy. Of course, like grocery shopping, like buying a Car, paid the money can go, relatively speaking, more complicated to buy a Car, purchase tax, insurance, the Card …… these are to be considered.

You know, in the domestic Car without a license Is a temporary license by the road, but if you do not have insurance, our Car Is not capable of the road. With different purchase tax, Automobile insurance Is required to buy each year. So for us, it should be how to buy the insurance?

before we buy a Car we must know in advance the type of good insurance, so as not to be deceived. Different types of insurance have different prices, we only do your homework ahead of time, it Will not be deceived! Car insurance divided into two categories, one Is compulsory insurance, we pay high insurance Is often mentioned, another Is commercial insurance.

to pay high insurance by name Is easy to understand, Is that the law must be purchased at the time of the road accident can get the basic compensation. ThIs insurance Is to protect yourself but also to protect other people, so there Is no such insurance in the country Is not the road.

For commercial insurance Will be more complex, such as the three liability insurance, vehicle damage, Is not deductible, pilfer and so on, and of course we are not quite the same more glass insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, board officers liability insurance …… then the insured what use Is it? Three great extent the accident Is paid a third person; Car damage Is damage to the Car accident, the insurance company paid for the vehicle.

behind the spontaneous combustion rIsk, glass insurance, board officers liability insurance for the fact that we use Is not too much, because these things happened so the possibility Is relatively small if the insurance buy a large extent Will increase the cost of our Car, so it Is not recommended that you purchase thIs insurance.

If we buy a Car, just remember to buy to pay high insurance, CarDamage insurance, as well as three non-deductible liability insurance Is enough, of course, if it Is a special case, for example, Automobile age Is too long, it would need to purchase to worry about spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion rIsk; or the rainy season south of the city, then wading insurance Is more important.

to buy insurance Is a technology live, if it Is okay to buy a new Car, because the performance Is relatively stable, if it Is to buy a used Car, it would have to pay attention to the quality of the Car only get better detection, we can start, for example, in the large family Car search option, you can see a real used Car performance, so that we can buy insurance based on the actual situation.