How reasonable purchase car insurance, a clear understanding of the information, and spend a lot less money wasted

REVIEW: Life Insurance only after the matter was to experience the essence, of course, not many people want to hurt every day, after all, Is a kind of insurance to protect life, accident, thousands of miles there Is a it? No one method to predict future events, like tomorrow and what a first-come unexpectedly, like. Auto insurance Is so magically exIst, only out of things to know, the benefits of insurance.

Car has been very common, but you have to have Car insurance, no matter what kind, are essential, unless the technology on their own very confident, you can choose not to buy commercial insurance, the current types of Auto insurance Is a lot, if you insIst on classification of words can be divided into two categories, that Is, to pay high insurance and commercial insurance, to pay high insurance we all know, a Car must be on was insurance, commercial insurance Is not the same, however, Is divided into a good variety, such as three insurance, wading insurance, and so on. So many types of business insurance, to understand all kinds of Auto insurance and time-consuming, so how to choose it Will buy Auto insurance, thIs Will help you tidy up what Auto insurance usefulness big bar.

1, to pay high insurance

The insurance departments mandatory required to pay, of course, the compensation fixed amount it was only 2000 yuan it, a lot of people said did not understand, Why pay a pricey amount of compensation Is very low it? Traffic Insurance purchase amount Is adjusted according to the annual rIsk regIster, not fixed, and more dangerous condition record can get a dIscount at the time of purchase. On the question of compensation, which Is a mystery! Partners who want to explore further, you had better put away the curiosity.

2, commercial insurance

For commercial insurance, the purchase because some owners are reluctant, but not see things a little better, once we had an accident, and that the money spent on things that may not ten thousand twenty thousand, the worst case may be hundreds of thousands of things, so, to purchase commercial insurance Is still very necessary, commercial insurance there are three parties insurance, in fact, thIs role Is a complementary cross-strong insurance Is, in payment may exceed the amount of the three insurance. In other words, the insurance amount Is based on an increased rIsk of tripartite.

3, insurance rates

buy a Car damage insurance vehicle damage, the insurance company Will pay compensation within a reasonable range. There Is a need to buy a Car damage insurance. Like personal insurance as the rIsk of accidents can not be ignored, and must be a major accident, Car damage Insurance Will work, as long as it belongs to the insurance coverage, even small scratches Will be paid. Once the Car accident, Car damage Insurance can play a role, but the sudden accident Is unpredictable, so thIs Is a must buy Car insurance. However, at the time of purchase, you should Carefully read the terms and conditions, and grasp the contents of the Car damage insurance, so as not to fall into mIsunderstanding.

4, non-deductible insurance

non-deductible insurance Is not a kind of insurance purchased separately, it requires a main dependence insurance, so as an additional type of insurance, rIsk compensation Is not included in the purchase, usually can save 5% to 20% loss for himself, and transferred to the insurance company to compensate. ThIs Auto insurance Is not expensive and practical, so it Is a must buy one Car insurance.

With respect to these types of insurance, I believe you all know, thIs Is for the novice friends, older drivers look on the line, since they are all coming from the novice, there are many older drivers have more experience, at least three Car insurance Is part of the essential, which can reduce the loss of property after the accident occurs, no matter what, or pay attention to traffic safety.

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