How much more appropriate to buy commercial insurance? The more car drivers know the more you buy, so buy the old drivers

Recently, many friends advice meow brother in the end thIs should buy a lot of commercial insurance, particularly third party liability insurance should buy how much Car damage Is fixed, I bought a few years after the wreck that Is how much money how much money, but there Is a limit third party liability insurance can be chosen, Is to buy a minimum of 50,000 he also gives you sell, but most likely Will be hundreds of thousands from friends. Of course, meow brother recommended thIs rIsk Is definitely better, you have to buy a few million, it can hit a good Car, anyway wore insurance, because the rIsk of higher premium to buy more, meow brother here with you talk about, how much to buy thIs insurance, the most important criteria Is a local injury compensation standards.

ThIs Is a local Car of a local standard, every year there Is a new update, based on local per capita consumption levels coupled with a social security base, etc. series of things counted out. Wide north-tier cities like these places are more than a million, like we have not really Changsha second-tier cities, it should be considered 2.5 tier cities, which are already 7.8 million, plus some processing fee assorted estimated put forward nearly one million that Is entirely possible, so you have to in these second-tier cities to drive, buy only 500,000, then completely inadequate, and a second-tier cities luxury Cars Is relatively more, a little with the luxury Car touches, like one of my relatives a few years ago the Car parked downstairs, New Year’s Eve a night of drinking riding electric Car hit the Car, the results on the spot unconscious, and finally he did not stop to parking spaces inside, a little stop out a little bit of ground, or lose a lot of money, very worthwhile.

life are likely to have accidents from time to time, we must not underestimate thIs point. I tell you Is that clear, and now prices have gone up. Tier cities suggest that you start 1.5 million, 2.5 second-tier cities starting line of the city 1 million, if the small town local consumption level Is not high, want to save money to buy at least 500,000, but meow brother personal recommendations, or up to one million better, more 500 000 with one million premium, the difference Is not very big, a bit mean third party liability insurance, the less cost-effective to buy more Is not high, the more the higher the cost to buy.

For example, one million insured amount Is 2000 dollars, if the insured amount of 500,000 words, a thousand dollars IsBuy, may have to 1200 dollars, in fact, because the more he added to the back of that part of hIs income, the less your money away, so we now have to buy a Car are opened, they would not have to tangle a little bit, really Is better. Meow brother have seen far too many examples of thIs, it’s all bloody lessons.

and friends said that if I open myself to show off for five years, opened a decade, has been to buy a to pay compulsory insurance, but in the case meow Ge Kepu it, to pay high insurance compensation 2000 in the absence of injury case, then someone injured, up to 122,000 reach the peak, in thIs society now prices rose so dramatically, 100,000 head can you do? Can not solve any problems, can make people a night returned to liberation, especially some friends in the countryside, then unruly motorcycle plenty, uncle aunt hit the small youth, are out of the body can not, understand ?