How much Is car insurance year


How much Is Car insurance? The broader the topic, but also more diverse, and Why? Because the situation price of the vehicle, the type of insurance, and other dangerous condition of the vehicle, causing the vehicle insurance costs Will rIse or fall.

First of all we must be clear vehicle insurance costs Is mainly composed of two aspects, that Is + to pay high insurance business insurance. But both are floating, because thIs involves a number of times before the second vehicle dangerous condition. Pay as little as less dangerous condition, and an increase in the number of dangerous condition contrary Will lead to rIsing insurance costs.

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance Is mandatory to national law, it must be paid. And to pay high insurance costs are fixed, 950 per year. The impact Is the number of dangerous condition, dangerous condition more often then go up, no dangerous condition, the insurance cost Is to decline.

2, commercial Auto insurance

Is more and more commercial insurance, such as Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, pilfer, glass insurance, non-deductible insurance, Car insurance personnel and so on. The more pay insurance, so the cost Is higher, but the less pay, the costs are lower. But both Will be directly linked with the number of dangerous condition, but the specific benefits or how much rIse Is mainly defined by the insurance companies.

and the insurance specific year to pay how much? We have an example to illustrate how much the specific needs. Car damage insurance Is generally a kind of insurance the owners of relatively fancy, because caustic danger Is a kind of insurance to protect their own vehicle, it Is more important. Car damage insurance according to the value of the vehicle, the associated costs are not the same, the higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the cost of Car damage, probably at around 1,000 yuan (median value).

Then there are third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance mainly hedge dominated. The higher the hedge, then the higher the premium, the lower the hedge opposite the corresponding costs are also lower. But probably a cost, but also need to almost 1,000 (median value).

as well as non-deductible insurance, becauseThe above two Is to buy insurance, be sure to buy non-deductible insurance, because the non-deductible insurance Is additional rIsk above insurance. So thIs one takes about tens of dollars, it takes about 50 bucks (median value).

as well as pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, of course, but also with the value of the vehicle-related. But probably (median value) in 1000 dollars. But it Is recommended if the value of expensive point, you can buy more than several insurance because expensive Car repair costs are also more expensive.

As for the vehicle cost Is not very high, not recommended to purchase all, have purchased front and three to pay high insurance on it. And more importantly, also belong to the insurance benefits, preferential number directly with specific costs directly linked.

so comprehensive vehicle insurance costs down, probably to pay high insurance Car damage + + + pilfer third party liability insurance + insurance + glass scratches insurance, etc. It requires more than 4,000 of the cost. Of course, thIs Is just a simple proportion. Specific or dangerous condition such as insurance companies and in accordance with the actual vehicle, are closely related.

Of course, the conditions are good can pay more, or in general terms less selectively deposit payment.